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Biesse Group strengthens relationship with Eurosoft

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In an effort to continue to provide customers with the best products and support in the industry, Biesse is excited to announce they have strengthened their partnership with Eurosoft. 
For more than two years, Eurosoft and Biesse have worked together in the successful integration of numerous systems in North America. Building on this strong relationship, they have entered into an agreement making Eurosoft the support structure for Biesse’s Opti-planning optimization software, Biesse bSuite software and also expanding their integration of inventory management systems.
"Eurosoft has six software engineers with vast experience in the woodworking industry, making this a great value to Biesse’s customer base," says Randy Jamison, Biesse's vice president of primary accounts.
"Both Eurosoft and Biesse are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support and our new partnership will give us the ability to provide faster and more efficient response to requests."

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