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WEIMA June 2023 Leader
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Better than normal

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AWMAC by Michelle Morrell
Michelle Morrell is the National Executive Director of the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada. She can be reached at:
Wow. We’re here. It’s 2023. We’re in the year that felt so far off in the distance during the pandemic. The year that everything would get back to normal or, wishfully, even better than normal.
So far, for us optimists, 2023 is proving to be the year of opportunity. It’s the year that our postponed plans kick into high gear. The year that the necessity to identify and manage risks can propel us forward. The year that our personal and professional goals are more purposeful (and essential) than ever before.   
Whether we are advancing into 2023 with caution; or speeding through with new ambitions, we are all eager for this year to be “The Year” we accomplish whatever it is we set out to achieve.
What is it that you are looking to achieve this year? What will you do differently to reach your desired results?
With a keen eye on the economy, many of us are looking for ways to transform our offerings and businesses and find new ways to deliver value to ourselves, our companies, our customers, and our partners. If this sounds like you, it’s time to find your superpower. Pull out your pen and paper. YOU are the superhero who can express what you or your business does better than anyone else.
Take time to go through a discovery process to develop value propositions and identify the potential risks for each. Don’t let the idea of risk alone hold you back. Once you understand the risks and develop a management plan to control them, you’ll be whizzing through your goals confidently and at lightning speed.
For AWMAC, 2023 has ignited a forward-thinking view. Fortunately, our three-year strategic plan and 10-year strategic targets became due at the perfect time, allowing us to join in on the quest to improve in all that we do and to revisit and heighten our value.
What are our plans? Our destination hasn’t detoured much from where we’ve been headed for the last 50-plus years; however, our roadmap has become much more direct, intentional, and achievable. All thanks (and a big thanks) to the voices of our passionate members and the attentiveness of our board of directors. If your ears have perked up, ensure you’ve signed up to receive AWMAC’s newsletters and our new magazine, AIM; we will keep you updated.
Although the last few years were riveted with ups and downs, it is apparent that our journey together has enabled us to learn new ways to communicate and collaborate, empowered us to think outside of the box and enact positive change, and express compassion and appreciation to those around us better than we ever have before. If you’re struggling to find your superpower or stumped on how to unveil it, revisit some of these learnings from the pandemic and reach out to your community. You will likely find others working through the same questions and some that would be happy to help you find your answers. Perhaps some things turned out better than normal after all.
Wishing you all the best in 2023

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