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Format4 tempora F600 with glueBox
Edgebanding needs to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible. To achieve this, the Format4 tempora models combine speed, productivity, flexibility and ease of use in a convincing package. The final finishing results when processing both coiled and strip material deliver incredibly high standards. Modern and optimized edge processing aggregates and a flexible machine body guarantees absolute stability and reliability.
STREAMER C series offers high-tech in small package
HOLZ-HER's STREAMER C series provides a compact entry into professional HOLZ-HER edgebanding. The highly flexible glue application using HOLZ-HER nozzle technology sets new standards for state-of-the-art cabinet making in terms of processing PUR glues, changing colors and unequaled heat-up time of only three minutes. High quality diamond tipped cutting tools with extremely long service life and chip-optimized evacuation technology are standard features in all HOLZ-HER machines.
Felder has K 740 S sliding table panel saw
The new Felder K 740 S convinces with a combination of performance and comfort in a space-saving, solid design. With the tilting saw blade unit and precision double guiding for precise angle and height adjustment, the K740 S guarantees a new dimension of efficiency. The K 740 S is equipped with a tilting Felder overhead saw guard for optimum extraction results and the highest level of work safety.
Stefani X: electronic touch at your fingertips
SCM's new stefani x industrial edgebander has been designed to create the latest furniture and design trends. The stefani x edgebander, with the new electronic touch NC controlled units, provides top-quality without compromise even when processing the most delicate materials. It offers high productivity, reduced gaps between the panels, machine set-ups and glue changes on the fly. The new stefani x offers reliability and connectivity.
Elias Woodwork dovetail drawer boxes, inserts
Elias Woodwork offers a full line of dovetail drawer boxes, pullouts and inserts to accommodate your project needs. Focused on quality construction, they provide custom storage solutions in the species and finish required to match your cabinetry. Doweled drawer boxes and pullouts are also available for those budget conscious customers.
SPACE STEP: Taking storage to new level
Create extra storage space behind toe kicks, provide easy access to wall cabinets and let children lend a helping hand - SPACE STEP brings multi-functionality to cabinet toe-kicks. You need the right furniture for customers who want to store lots of things. SPACE STEP not only allows you to use higher cabinets, but also creates extra storage space in the toe kick of base units.
Barbaric production storage system
Taurus Craco Machinery offers the Barbaric CSF Professional production storage system, which combines functionality, performance and design in one machine. With hundreds of systems installed worldwide Barbaric has become a specialist in warehouse logistics and vacuum technology. Offers optimized material flow, use of space and much more.
C.R. Onsrud to release X-Series today
C.R. Onsrud, is scheduled to release their latest Extrusion Processing CNC machine via a Youtube Premier event today, Nov 18, at 1:30 p.m. This new model named the C.R. Onsrud X-Series, will be an extension of C.R. Onsrud's already existing 5-axis extrusion processing line and offer customers a lower price-point option with very similar capabilities to its bigger brother the EX-Series.
Blum AVENTOS cover caps now with linear design
Blum's product innovation continues with a new cover cap design coming soon for AVENTOS. Experience beautifully enhanced interiors offering a minimalist appearance. With unmistakable high-quality workmanship, these cover caps provide an aesthetic appearance throughout the home and will be available for the entire AVENTOS lift system family. The new cover caps for AVENTOS HF, HS and HL will be available in silk white, light grey, and dark grey in both standard and SERVO-DRIVE electric motion technology.
Powered stacker is versatile and easy to use
PowerStak high performance, fully powered stackers from Presto ECOA are the perfect solution for a wide range of load transporting and stacking requirements. Unlike manual push stackers, PowerStak units are equipped with powered drive allowing palletized loads to be moved effortlessly by any operator regardless of their size or physical strength – even over long distances. In addition to being easier to use than manual stackers, PowerStak units offer an economic advantage over forklift trucks.
High-quality insulated pliers by Crescent Tools
Professionals in the trades that can provide high-quality service at a lower cost than their competition have a distinct advantage. That's exactly what Crescent Tools has with its new expanded lineup of industrial pliers, matching the performance of competing brands, but doing so at a fraction of the cost to give pros in the electrical, industrial, and mechanical industries the best value available. Available in many models and featuring ergonomic anti-slip handles.
Stainless steel multi-purpose lids by Sugatsune
Sugatsune offers a large assortment of multi-purpose lids. Ranging from fully stainless steel multi-purpose lids to an inclined mounted lid, they have a solution for you. The AD-KH series features a wide opening and a damper to avoid the lid from slamming shut. Made of 304 stainless steel combining functionality and durability, this multi-purpose lid is ideal for environments that are in high humidity and require high-corrosion resistance and can be installed horizontally or vertically.
Frequently replacing broken bits?
New Crescent VORTE bit holder extends bit life 500X saving you time and money. Thanks to the new Crescent VORTEX bit holder, it's time to save time and money on the jobsite. This revolutionary bit holder extends the life of any ¼-inch hex shank bit by up to 500 times when using bits with an impact driver. This unique design feature absorbs the shock of repeated, heavy usage in impact applications while still delivering maximum torque from the impact driver.
Fastmount panel mounting system by Sugatsune
Designed and made in New Zealand, Fastmount clips, tools, and accessories are an ideal solution for panel mounting. According to the company, it's "The most accurate panel mounting solution you'll never see." With options for recess or surface mounting for wall or ceiling panels, and also for furniture fittings, continue reading for more information. It's easy, quick and sustainable and Fastmount's panel mounting system allows for interchangeable panels, which reduces post-industrial waste.
Busy Bee Tools announces new premium hand planes in Canada
Busy Bee Tools has announced the launch of their new line of premium woodworking hand planes in the Canadian market. It's not very often that a new line of woodworking planes appears on the scene, especially hand planes that meet an unmet need. Busy Bee's new line combines high quality and very reasonable prices, which creates a new market segment in Canada for woodworking planes. The plane irons are made from O1 steel and is hardened to 58-62 HRC which will take a fine edge.
Formica introduces panels for high-traffic areas
Formica Canada introduces its latest solution for commercial settings: Formica Envision HardStop Panels, a new line of high-performance, decorative wall protection panels that allows businesses to cater to their customers and design needs with custom graphics, all with a fiberglass core for added strength, resilience and fire resistance. Perfect for a variety of vertical applications, including: healthcare, education, restaurants, retail, offices, airports and many more.
Akhurst has the Omnitech Selexx Full Line CNC Router
The Omnitech Selexx Full Line CNC Router is a fully integrated automatic nesting CNC router line that greatly reduces cycle times by shortening the loading and unloading operations. The full line system allows for automated part labelling, automatic loading, and offloading capabilities to the already full-featured Omnitech Selexx Series CNC Router. Available as both a complete line or in customized selections, the Selexx Full Line CNC Router can be configured to meet all of your workflow demands.
Kapro 353 Ledge-It Square wins innovation award
Kapro Tools received a Pro Tool Innovation Award for the 353 Ledge-It Square in the Hand Tools – Levels category. The Pro Tool Innovation Awards recognize best-in-class products that are truly ahead of their time. According to the judges who reviewed the 353 Ledge-It Square, "There's a lot going on with Kapro's 353 Ledge-It Square that sets it apart from others. It's like no other square we've seen before."
MICROJIG's ULTIMATE workbench offers versatility
This workbench combines all the best parts of some of the most popular workbenches on the market, designed to save you time, money, and give you overall better results. You can set stops and clamp material anywhere on the bench surface, without being confined to the edge. This allows you to secure parts for hand tool work and assembly without the struggle.
More lifestyle around the kitchen sink
More colour, more functionality, more sustainability, more SCHOCK. SCHOCK unveils a range of new products – continuing the company's mission to make the kitchen sink an attractive lifestyle element of any kitchen. In the CRISTADUR® Green Line, the company has developed a material that is 99 per cent based on natural, renewable or recycled raw materials. SCHOCK's path is colourful, stylish and always a little bit different.
Sugatsune Aileron: Lift-assist lid stay with soft close
The Aileron lift-assist lid stay with soft close is a multi-functional lid stay for top or for upward opening doors or lids. With the Aileron, safety is ensured with a lift assist feature to eliminate strain, free stop which holds the lid in positions of 30 degrees and more, and adjustable soft closing. The lid stay system consists of Olympia concealed hinges, lid stay arm, and mounting plates. With minimum required hardware components, less is more with the beautiful functionality of the Aileron.
Paradigm Vendo adds Bosch laser measurement compatibility
Paradigm's digital selling solution for home improvement contractors is now compatible with a popular line of Bosch laser measurement tools. The partnership adds another layer of convenience and accuracy to Paradigm Vendo, while offering Bosch device users the ability to automatically transfer measurements to a quoting and selling application specifically designed for the remodelling industry.
Sugatsune Canada has LM-80 self-closing door system
This self-closing door system does not require electricity and is equipped with a damper that allows for a smooth and soft closing, which eliminates the door from slamming shut. A door catch is included to hold the door in a fully opened position. Door weight capacity id from 66 to 176 lbs. Model LM-80G is available for glass doors with upper aluminum fascia included.
Festool offer new Systainer3 CENTROTEC organizer
Festool Canada has unveiled the newest addition to its Systainer3 tool storage system, the Systainer3 CENTROTEC organizer. The CENTROTEC enhances jobsite efficiency and allows Festool owners to easily store and transport all their CENTROTEC-compatible drill parts and bits in the newest, most innovative generation of Systainers.
Dulux Paints unveils its Colour of the Year
After years of playing it safe with neutral decor, Canadians are eager to introduce an infusion of colour into their homes. DULUX Paints by PPG in announcing Olive Sprig as its 2022 Colour of the Year. Reminiscent of nature, this grounded, comforting sage green emits a sense of calm and tranquility, reflecting consumers' longing for stability, human connection and self-care in a new normal world.
Retrofitting CNC systems to prevent cyber attacks
FANUC's Panel i Replacement Program upgrades out-of-date industrial PCs for faster, more reliable and more secure operations. FANUC America introduces an upgrade solution for legacy CNC machines running on operating systems older than Windows 10.
Sugatsune offers unique sliding door systems
Sugatsune combines design and functionality in unique sliding door systems to suit your application needs. Designed to close flush with its surrounding walls, this sliding door system provides a clean look. The unique movement features a two way damper to avoid slamming at opening and closing. With 100,000 open and close cycles tests, the MFU1200 has an excellent performance.
REHAU announces new RAUVISIO ferro surface line
REHAU announces new RAUVISIO ferro™ metallic PET surface line, offering a palette of stately, highly touchable colours that represent refinement, elegance and a rich sense of history. RAUVISIO ferro is a luxurious, metal-inspired surface that adds timeless touch and a spark of sophistication to any home. Not only trendy and beautiful in the home, RAUVISIO ferro™ metallic PET surface line boasts durability and functionality.
Sugatsune has versatile fastmount system
Fastmount systems have quickly become an easy way of installing interior panels. With various ranges of clips, the applications can vary from wall paneling to give some style and texture to a room, to panel control clips to provide additional security and easy access to ceiling panels that require to be accessed frequently. The profile of each clip refers to the thickness of the substrate and panel.
Combilift launches new XLE model
Irish materials handling specialist Combilift has officially launched its latest product, the Combi-XLE, as a further addition to its impressive range of electric models. In line with the growing demand for electric powered equipment, this multidirectional forklift with up to 5-ton lift capacity, combines emission-free operation with powerful performance. With sustainability ever higher on the agenda, Combilift further helps its customers achieve their environmental goals.
AkzoNobel reveals Colour of the Year 2022
The airy blue of Bright Skies, AkzoNobel's Colour of the Year 2022, has been translated into colors and finishes for wood coatings, bringing a breath of fresh air to wood product manufacturers. After a spell of feeling shut in, people are craving expansion. Extensive global trend research conducted by a team of in-house paints and coatings colour experts and international design professionals reveals that we want open air, connections to the great outdoors and a fresh approach to everything.
Bosch updates Freak Impact Driver
Bosch Power Tools, a global leader for power tools and power tool accessories, has announced a new version of its Freak Impact Driver, the GDX18V-1860C 18V. The new model features increased torque, upgraded from 1800 in. lbs. to 1860 in. lbs., providing even more power to get the job done.
Sugatsune offers forged brass double hook
A high-end design, which harmonizes both classical and contemporary styles. 
Built from luxurious solid brass forged to perfection. Meticulously crafted to ensure durability and a high quality finish. A clear lacquer coating is applied to prevent tarnishing. The endpoints feature a spherical design making it safer to use and lowers the risk of accidental injury.
BECK introduces LIGNOLOC wooden nails
BECK's LIGNOLOC collated wooden nails offer an advantage in mass timber and passive house construction as well as high-quality wooden elements. The environmentally friendly fasteners are ideal for the production of multi-layer mass timber panels and replace aluminium nails and wooden dowels. They shorten production time, can be processed with manual tools and offer smaller companies the opportunity to manufacture their own metal-and-adhesive-free timber elements.
Festool Canada launches new online resource
Festool Canada has launched a new online resource to serve tradespeople who want to identify the best tools and tool systems to fit their projects. Festool designed the Made for Your Trade online resource as a roadmap for tradespeople to easily navigate Festool's extensive power tool system with laser-focus on trade-specific solutions. Each trade-specific page showcases families of tools with recommendations for woodworkers, painters, drywallers, remodelers and flooring installers.
Sugatsune has At-Home office essentials
From utility hooks to foldable brackets, Sugatsune offers solution for the home office. Working from home has been a norm for most and finding hardware that is functional and aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge. Fortunately, Sugatsune has hardware that can fit both your needs and your home décor. The Fastmount panel mounting system offers an easy way of installing interior panels.
Bosch has new orbital sanders
Bosch Power Tools has announced three new models for its orbital sander lineup. Designed for professionals, the new orbit sanders are engineered for fine sanding and polishing and their ability to cut down on dust particles sets them apart from the rest. Features include a microfilter dust system, compatible with multi-hole backing pads, Bosch's signature hook-and-loop disc attachment, dual-bearing pad mount for less vibration and variable speed.
Elias has new mullion door options
Elias Woodwork has launched a line of mullion door options that offer cost savings over traditional mullion doors. The company says it has identified six mullion styles that are preferred by designers and homeowners. With the mullion door options, each style is machined out of a single piece of HDF or solid wood, which results in the grain running in one direction. The units are manufactured as a separate insert that is placed in a doorframe and can then have glass added.
Caron has updated Shaker door
Renowned for its sleek lines and simple beauty, Caron has updated the Shaker style with a slimmer, more stylish frame. The result: a modern variant on a classic design, for functional and minimalist furniture with timeless yet contemporary appeal. Simply Shaker offers sleek and contemporary lines and a shallow central panel facilitates finishing and maintenance. Available in most wood species and premium MDF.
Blum offers the SERVO-DRIVE uno
SERVO-DRIVE uno is the electrical motion support system for sink cabinets. A single touch is enough and the pull-out opens automatically and closes again softly and effortlessly. The standalone set is practical to use, easy to install and ideal for retrofitting. Set content includes pre-assembled SERVO-DRIVE unit, bracket profile and attachment brackets, distance bumpers, water drip protection, 12-watt transformer and installation templates.
Elias Woodwork offers 5-piece laminate doors & drawer fronts
You can customize your 5-piece laminate door with variations of profiles and textured finishes. Accessory moldings and sheet goods are also available.The Elias Woodwork 5 piece laminate product line offers a truly perfect synergy. Their cabinet doors and moldings are profile wrapped in the same base materials and prints to perfectly match LPL and HPL materials which are used on exposed cabinet exteriors. No finishing required!
Sugatsune has hinges for glass doors
Finding aesthetically pleasing glass door and glass showcase hardware can be difficult so now Sugatsune presents glass adaptable brackets that are to be paired with our famous HES3D concealed hinges and the GS-G series hinges and locks to achieve a coordinated finish for glass showcases. Available in 3 finishes: chrome, gold and black, these glass brackets are the perfect finishing touch for any room.
Bosch reinvents jobsite radio
Bosch Power Tools has reinvented its popular jobsite radio with two new models designed with durability, flexibility, and portability in mind. Both jobsite radios have several ways to connect and listen to music, including Bluetooth 5.0 providing connection to music streaming services or stored songs via mobile device. With USB charging capability, mobile devices will stay charged and ready at all times.
Kapro 510: Visibility, durability and functionality
Kapro Tools offers its 510 Optivision tape measure series in 10' (3m), 16' (5m) and 26' (8m) with a dual scale of imperial and metric measurements. The 510 Optivision sets a new standard in tape measure visibility with its double-printed blade for horizontal and vertical quick-reading and marking. With triple-colored oversized gradation, it provides a clear reading at all conditions.
Sugatsune offers GS-G Series glass door locks
Featuring a glass door lock, hinges, and bracket for total coordination, the GS-G series allows for a flat and seamless design that compliments the items within the showcase. There are three sets available in three finishes each for different sizes of glass doors. This glass showcase hardware can support glass door weight of 11 lbs up to 110 lbs depending on model. For added facility of use, optional glass display door stop and surface mounting brackets are also available.
Castle USA has CSI 1.5D screw delivery system
Castle USA's CSI 1.5D pocket cutter/screw inserter machine gets major a upgrade and now has a newly updated, proprietary screw delivery system (SDS). Designed for continuous production manufacturing environments, the CSI was first introduced in 2014. All of the new SDS components have been specifically redesigned to accommodate applications for cabinet and furniture manufacturing. Castle's CSI 1.5D pocket cutter/screw inserter creates pockets, with screws inserted, in only 1.5 seconds.
Grommets and lids for waste management
Sugatsune's stainless steel lids and grommets may be installed in bathroom vanities and counter tops for waste disposal. The AZ-GD230L-HL series with soft-close dampers installs vertically and has tamper-proof locks with red indicators to control access. They are often used in public dining rooms and bathrooms as they create a sleek and clean finish for many modern designs.
Bosch announces new barrel-grip jigsaw
Bosch Power Tools has announced its 18V barrel-grip jigsaw, a compact tool with impressive barrel-grip ergonomics perfect for roofers, carpenters and cabinet installers. The barrel grip design gives users optimal control over the cutting application with the hand closer to the work piece and a lock on switch for further comfort, especially when cutting upside down. Its auto-stop brake features a stroke mechanism that stops immediately after the trigger is moved to the off position for increased user protect
Sugatsune offers complete LIN-X series
Sugatsune offers a unique, lateral systems for cabinetry and full-sized doors. Minimalist living and space saving solutions continue to trend in the interior design and architectural communities, and the LIN-X series offers unique lateral systems, which have several advantages over traditional hinged doors. Including soft close, easy access and installation and much more.
Marathon Hardware presents new summer collection
Marathon is presenting the The Versatility of Decorative Hardware Designs and Finishes Summer 2021 Collection. The collection showcases four unique handles and two knobs, in four different finishes set against complementary paint and cabinet colour schemes. The summer collection will be released throughout July, August and September.
Hardware solutions for train interiors
When it comes to train interiors, space-saving solutions for comfort and functionality are key. When seated on a train, the ergonomics and adaptability in design becomes part of the passenger's temporary home and elevates the experience of traveling to create a memorable journey. Whether it be for baggage, sleeping, dining or observation, Sugatsune's component hardware has the versatility you seek!
GRASS Canada has Nova Pro Scala glass inset
The inset drawer F8 Crystal for Nova Pro Scala and Vionaro offers a modern glass inset panel with large glass elements which can be mounted with full-surface or stepped glass. Low parts complexity and easy to assemble. Continuation of the design language of Scala. Narrow frame with large slide-in element. Use of the existing F8 front panel connector.
RAUVISIO introduces terra Twilight Collection
Like the roasted marshmallows and darkened coals of the hearth, Rehau's RAUVISIO terra Twilight Collection brings rich, earthy aesthetics into a space. These graphite and pewter tones envelop their surroundings, allowing the natural beauty of a design to glisten in enchanting ways, worthy of storytelling. Available in Northern Oak, Whiskey Oak, Loft Oak and Dusk Pine.
Sugatsune offers FD80 pocket door system
Sugatsune has created a unique solution for stubborn and tricky pocket doors. Their FD-80 features a two-track system that allows access to all the interior components without breaking the wall for a headache free installation and adjustments. Never break another wall when making adjustments to your pocket door ever again.
Presto Lift offers XZ series lift tables
Presto Lift ECOA's XZ Series lift tables feature zero-height platforms that sit just 3/8" above the floor. This extreme low height allows loads to be rolled on or off of them with a hand pallet jack, making them ideal for facilities without a forklift, or for use in fork-free designated areas. Six standard models are available and can be furnished in 2,000, 4,000 or 6,000 lb. capacities with either a 44" x 48" or 50" x 48" platform.
Festool Canada reintroduces mobile sawing table
Festool Canada will reintroduce the STM 1800 Mobile Sawing Table, available at participating Festool dealers beginning Aug. 3. The mobile sawing table has adjustable features such as panel cleats, locking casters and table leg heights so one person can load, tip and align large sheets of material by themselves. Securely supports sheet goods up to 10' x 7' for versatile cutting applications and doubles as an assembly bench.
GRASS Canada has Nova Pro over-extension slide
GRASS Canada's Nova Pro over extension slide is the perfect solution for waste separation systems in combination with Nova Pro Scala pullouts and other special applications where extended access is required. Greater opening distance for more convenience, synchronization ensures the slides run silently and suitable for all Nova Pro drawer sides and with soft close.
PaintLine introduces new, expandable, heavy-duty rack
PaintLine has announced its new ProDryingRack EX Plus Series, which features up to 15 feet of mobile, horizontal rack space and 1,800 lbs of weight capacity. Features heavy duty, 5" locking casters and anti-torque stabilizers, and can be rolled to the desired shop area, even under load. ProDryingRack EX Plus Series comes in two models: the three-tower PDREX3, and four-tower PDREX4.
Festool to introduce better, faster battery
Festool Canada will release its new Energy Set on Aug. 3, to complement the company's cordless power tool line – key to providing users with unmatched mobility on the jobsite and in the workshop. Compatible with all Festool 18V tools (except cordless sanders), the new Energy Set helps to ensure that the jobsite stays powered up and efficient. Festool's new AIRSTREAM technology rapidly cools the battery and allows for 60 percent faster charging.
Invert entire pallet loads quickly and safely
The PalletPal Inverter from Southworth inverts fully loaded pallets in a matter of seconds. It is a faster, safer and easier alternative to manual restacking which requires workers to bend, reach, stretch and lift heavy loads. Pallet inversion can be necessary for several reasons including as part of a shipping and receiving process. A 3.2 HP motor rotates the load on a heavy-duty turret bearing. Rotation is smooth and can be stopped in any position. Loads can be fully inverted in under 20 seconds.
Bosch Power Tools announces new impact wrenches
The new 18V high-torque impact wrenches are built with high performance BITURBO Brushless technology, delivering high power for tackling even the most brutal applications. Built with a high-torque brushless motor and optimized for the CORE18V PROFACTOR high-power batteries, the new impact wrenches are designed to deliver the most power and the highest impact rate around. The high-performance motor and drive-train system are engineered to take full advantage of the additional power generated by CORE18V batte
Sugatsune has DSI sliding door handles
Sugatsune's DSI pull handle series continues to be a popular choice for residential and commercial projects. These sliding door pulls for wooden or glass doors help economize space making them particularly useful for city apartments and bedroom closets, where space is a premium. Some models now available in NEW black finish. The DSI series has a wide range of recessed handles, made with premium 304 stainless steel, these contemporary pieces are sure to last a lifetime.
Felder now distributing Hoffmann Machinery in Canada
Felder Group Canada is now distributing Hoffmann Machinery and accessories in Canada. The MU3 Pneumatic Dovetail Routing machine as well as the Morso Manual Notching machine (for face-frame style cabinetry) are on display at the Felder Group Canada, Mississauga showroom. They will also stock a number of accessories.
King Slide hardware now available for CABINET VISION
Marathon Hardware and Planit Canada have collaborated to make King Slide's SIMLEAD and ULead Hardware available for CABINET VISION software. With the newly available free downloadable package, designers and engineers can drop their favourite King Slide hardware into CABINET VISION drawings, change cabinet door and drawer dimensions and enjoy watching the drilling operations and material summary update automatically for error-free machining and costing.
Biesse introduces the Rover B FT HD
The new Rover B FT HD nesting machine is now available as a stand-alone machine that will significantly increase the number of sheets processed per shift, but it's as a cell that the machine really shines. The cell's infeed; CNC machine; and outfeed, and every aspect of work has been optimized for continuous, high-speed processing. Linear cutting speeds of 50 metres a minute with a 12mm tool.
Festool Canada releases new cordless track saw
Festool's new TSC 55 K cordless track saw delivers top-of-the-line precision, innovation as well as first-of-its-kind integrated kickback stop technology. Professional woodworkers and serious hobbyists alike have been relying for years on Festool's best-in-class track saws and the new TSC 55 K exceeds these expectations with even more innovation in a completely advanced cordless machine that ensures unparalleled accuracy cut after cut on the jobsite or in the workshop. Available June 15.
MICROJIG collaborates with Powermatic for drill press upgrade
Powermatic and MICROJIG have collaborated to launch an innovative table upgrade bundle for Powermatic's PM2820 EVS Drill Press. The table upgrade incorporates MICROJIG's innovative MATCHFIT system, completely redefining the possibilities of a drill press table. The bundle includes two MATCHFIT dovetail clamps, two x-pads, six dovetail track screws and the MDF modular table. The MATCHFIT table replaces the drill press's standard table, resulting in unlimited versatility and support.
Bosch has new, powerful rotary hammers
Bosch Power Tools has announced its PROFACTO SDS-Max 18V Hitman rotary hammers. Guaranteed to deliver performance comparable to its corded counterparts, the Bosch PROFACTOR rotary hammers offer a Bosch first – a 180-day no-questions-asked return guarantee. They are part of Bosch Power Tools' new PROFACTOR line of cordless tools, designed to take on the most demanding jobsite applications. The tools feature Bosch's BITURBO brushless technology and are powered by the CORE18V battery platform.
Salice B Series Universal hinge
Salice's B Series Universal hinge can provide a solution to a number of special applications, which include half-inset doors and doors with moulded profiles. This series offers: 35 mm cup diameter, 9 mm cup depth, standard 48 mm hole pattern, 110° opening, possible drilling distance on the door (K): from 3 to 18 mm, fully adjustable in three directions and is compatible with all Salice mounting plates, available in soft-close, self-close, push & free swing, wood screw and dowel, glass & more.
Sugatsune offers the Aileron system
The Aileron is a lid support kit with adjustable lift assist, free stop and soft close functions that creates a smooth user experience. Engineered to make installation quick and flexible, the Aileron is mounted to the top of an upper cabinet or top box by simply clipping it onto the hinge, it's that easy! Free up space and gain greater storage.
Accuride has new commercial kitchens NSF slide
After decades of servicing residential appliance and white goods markets, Accuride International has expanded into the commercial kitchen with a new family of NSF-certified roller-bearing solutions. The ST8200 Series is the result of many years of research, development, and testing. This new slide family is engineered for easy installation, saving time and money in assembly for refrigerated food storage drawers, food prep tables, heated and warming drawers, and more.
EGGER edgebanding for the finishing touch
EGGER edgebanding is the finishing touch to the company's décor match system, which offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for all of your design concepts. EGGER edgebanding is manufactured in house, ensuring an ideal match across an integrated range of surfaces, guaranteeing consistency in color and texture. Feelwood End Grain Edge Banding combines with our Feelwood surfaces and longitudinal edge banding to capture the natural look of solid wood, depicting the look of sawn timber.
Marathon presents new spring collection
Marathon Hardware is proud to present the Simplified Connections Spring Decorative Hardware Collection for kitchen and home office design. Featuring six new handle models and two knobs, the Spring 2021 Collection has been carefully curated to elevate our original Connected Living and Simplified Living designs, drawn from the NKBA's 2020 Living Impacts Design Survey. Connections theme will be released throughout April, May and June.
Accuride releases new slide for mobile and kiosk applications
The 3306DO is a medium-duty slide with a lock-in feature to keep applications secure in transit, and a hold-out detent to keep those applications open when needed. Additionally, the 3306DO includes an extra inch of travel for maximum access to drawer contents. This breakthrough solution joins the ranks of the 3308 Medium-Duty and 9308E Heavy-Duty in premium locking solutions.
KEEN Utility launches new safety footwear
KEEN Utility has launched a new indoor safety footwear option for both men and women that puts safety, comfort and style at the forefront and even returns 50% energy with every step. The CSA-certified Vista Energy is a work shoe built to perform in the rigorous and fast-paced environments where speed, agility and comfort are key. Some top features include: lightweight performance cushioning midsole, carbon-fibre toes and flexible, non-metallic puncture resistant midsole plate.
Elias Woodwork's expands thermofoil collection
Elias Woodwork has introduced trendy new colors to its thermofoil solid colour collection. Not only does thermofoil provide an economical option for solid color and wood grain cabinetry, the options available for accessories and its durability make this product ideal for whole home remodel and refacing cabinetry projects. Available in one and five piece construction. Trendy wood grain and solid color finish options in numerous styles and fade and scratch resistant with five-year warranty.
Accurate Pattern Inc. offers CAD design and CNC
Accurate Pattern Inc. specializes in wood, metal and plastic patterns, tools, fixtures, gauges, prototypes and models since 1985. Technologies and services include CAD design, manual and CNC machining, wood and metalworking, painting and welding, plastic fabrication and form services such as: design, engineering, and production job shops.
Canmade has door hinge systems
The Klok series hinge mechanism from Canmade is designed to ensure light and smooth action with a flap held at any angle, for both upwards and downwards openings. High strength and load capacity are said to be its main characteristics, and it can be used on wooden and aluminum frame flap doors. Units are tested to 100,000 cycles and available in two versions: Klok for light doors and and XL Klok for large doors.
Laguna introduces the SmartShop 5 Axis
The Laguna SmartShop® 5 Axis machine delivers the flexibility of multiple cutting angles and compound machining with unmatched precision and cut quality. Starting with a robust 8600lb. all steel frame an HSD 2-axis articulating head and Fanuc's industry leading Oi-MF control. The SmartShop® 5 Axis is in a class by itself at a price point that is very economical. Features: Steel frame and gantry, fixed table, moving gantry design allows for easy & unrestricted access to all sides of the machine.
Rev-A-Shelf has tilt-out hampers
Rev-A-Shelf's fabric and wire tilt-out hampers keep messy laundry out of sight. The slanted rim design allows for easy access and to clear the shelf above when opening the cabinet door. The hamper basket comes with mounting hardware and flap stay that controls the swing of the door as the basket fills with laundry. Available in black 18", 24", and 30" cloth hamper or chrome wire 18" and 24".
WORX compact circular saw delivers long motor life
The new WORX 20V, Power Share, 4-1/2 in. WORXSAW compact circular saw with brushless motor delivers 10 times longer motor life than a circular saw with a brushed motor. At 4.8 lbs. (with battery), the saw is lighter than 7-1/4 in. circular saws, making it highly maneuverable and nimble, even when cutting overhead. The saw's brushless motor, slim body and compact size make it a game changer in the shop.
Richelieu launches new Wi-Fi LED lighting app
You can control the lights through our app or voice-control devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. You can already turn on or off lights and adjust their colour, brightness, and lighting mode through a remote device. Now the Richelieu WIFI LED application allows you to do this with your mobile device. Android and IOS compatible, the greatest advantage of smart LED lights is convenience. You can set a timer for the lights to turn on or off automatically.
Sugatsune Canada has industrial torque hinges
Sugatsune offers a large selection of torque hinges for position and movement control. These torque hinges can be especially useful in providing a unique, safe, and convenient experience when operating flaps, machinery, or equipment in different industries.
The power of more - EGGER's Decorative Collection
With more colour options, more matching decors and more supporting services, the new EGGER Decorative Collection is the perfect tool for architects, fabricators and distributors. Features new decor and material combination throughout the collection. Nearly 30 per cent of the decor range changes, successful decors remain within the range and are supplemented with new trends and with the new EGGER Decorative Collection App, the entire collection is always at the ready.
DEWALT launches 20V MAX line lasers
DEWALT has unveiled its first 20V MAX Green Line Laser that is compatible with the DEWALT 12V MAX and 20V MAX battery platforms offering versatility across both battery systems. Compatibility with the DEWALT 20V MAX battery platform provides runtime of 10 hours per charge enabling long, uninterrupted time on the job. The new laser is designed to withstand tough jobsite environments and is built from premium materials. Available this summer.
Sugatsune offers tilt & swivel torque hinges
With its 360-degree rotation and 120-200 degree free stop tilt features, the HG-T70S30 and HG-T30S15 have the capability to offer a full view for surveillance, camera or monitor screens at desired angles. Moreover, the HG-T30S15 has a convenient surface mounted base for easy installation.
Jorgensen has E Z HOLD bar clamps
"Look, Ma! One hand!" Unique Jorgensen E Z HOLD bar clamps allow for rapid and easy clamping and can easily be converted to spreader clamps. The contoured comfort grip and quick release lever make it simple to get a firm grasp, and their exclusive patented feature lets you join two clamps together to create a clamp with more than double the opening capacity of a single clamp. Jorgensen's E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamps come in 12", 24" and 36" sizes and have clamping pressure up to 600 lbs.
Milwaukee offers powerful compact router
Milwaukee's 18-volt cordless router combines power, speed and accurate depth adjustments to deliver clean accurate cuts in a variety of materials and applications. The compact router delivers the power of a corded 1.25 horsepower trim routers and best-in-class 31,000 RPM providing you with power and speed for clean, quality cuts in hard materials. The compact router also features a sturdy 4" sub-base plate providing you with stability, and dual-LED lights illuminate your work surface.
Increase edgebanding output by up to 50 per cent
IMA Schelling Group U.S. and Barbaric have collaborated to introduce the RTS P-One Intelligent Edgebanding Cell — a new system designed to help midsized production floors achieve the production of two edgebanders in less floor space. The new RTS P-One intelligent edgebanding cell is affordable for small to midsized woodworking operations which means they can offer Batch Size One flexibility and customization that your customers desire with more production output than two of your existing edgebanders.
Festool Canada to launch new tool storage solutions
Festool Canada's new Systainer3 platform introduces a multitude of purpose-built new features that maximize tool storage, gear mobility and jobsite efficiency. The new Systainer3 tool organization systems, provides efficient protection, storage and transportation of all tools and materials in the workshop or on the jobsite and delivers seamless connection to previous Systainer generations. The versatility of the Systainer3 products allows customers to stack, connect, organize and move their tools easily.
SCM evolves its range of beam saws
The wide and varied range of SCM beam saws continues to evolve to meet the different demands of panel machining, from mass production to batch size 1. In stand-alone version or integrated in cells or automation lines, SCM panel saws are the result of a continuous research and development process aimed at guaranteeing ever higher standards in terms of productivity, speed of execution, cutting quality and reduction of waste material. The wide range of models is further enhanced by IoT Maestro connect.
CNC Automation has VOLPATO edge finishing
Wood edge finishing is a complex operation that goes through several phases. This process can be complimentary to other processes such as milling, intended both as shaping of the profile and as rounding of the corners, sanding with an abrasive belt, brushing with abrasive wheels or brushes and, lastly, any polishing. VOLPATO now offers the production of custom built machines for edge finishing, which are made to customer guidelines and can guarantee their ability to obtain a high quality finished product.
PYTHA 3D CAD from concept to completion
PYTHA 3D CAD is designed for woodworkers who need powerful, intuitive software for an efficient production process, from concept to completion. With its screen-to-machine technology, PYTHA offers a complete solution for planning, development, technical drawing, presentation, 3D animation, and cut lists with full connectivity to estimating and CNC machinery. The software will improve efficiency, reduce manufacturing errors and increase profits.
DEWALT introduces higher capacity batteries
DEWALT has introduced new, higher capacity batteries for its 12V MAX* and 20V MAX* systems. These will be the highest capacity batteries fully dedicated to the 12V MAX* and 20V MAX* Systems. Each battery will extend the runtime of most tools within its respective 12V MAX* or 20V MAX* System. The new 12V MAX* 5.0 Ah battery includes twice the number of lithium ion cells, contributing to increased run time and expanding the capabilities.
Volpato double-sided sanding machine
CNC Automation has the Volpato double-sided sanding machine for solid and veneered edges. This multi-sided edge sanding machine is for use in solid wood, veneer and composite wood fibres. It includes an added abrasive wheel that is fitted in line with the sanding pad on the conveyorized workpiece side of the machine. The complete sanding unit is vertically motorized to allow for full use of the sanding belt, regardless of which workstation used.
The standard lifter for wood handling
Taurus Craco has the Barbaric uniWood 3, which is particularly versatile in the field of wood production, as boards can be manipulated both upright and horizontal. The lifter also impresses with its light, slim design and particularly easy operation. In addition to most commonly used coated wood materialism, the uniWood 3 is also ideal for handling air-permeable panels (OSB, chipboard, MDF over 8 mm thickness) and materials with a slightly textured surface.
Akhurst has the compact Cantek edgebander
The new MX370M from Cantek is a compact edgebander that is packed with features. The dual-purpose end trim/corner rounding unit allows for production of high-quality edges on both cabinet parts and cabinet doors, and the user-friendly controls allow for fast changeovers between edge thicknesses of 0.4 mm to 3 mm.
Biesse TM series for PUR glue
PUR glue has always been the higher-quality alternative with glue lines that are 50 percent thinner and offer much stronger adhesion. Biesse, believed they could find a better way to give everyone access to high-quality PUR gluing, which is why they developed the TM series (TM10 and TM20) of PUR pre-melters, a groundbreaking PUR application system with all the advantages of PUR gluing. The TM series has proved to be a revolution in PUR.
Carpenter's glue from Jowat
Jowat has expanded its portfolio to add a selection of tried and tested carpenter's glues for industry and trade – supplied in a handy bottle and with a convenient durability. Jowacoll® PVAc dispersion adhesives have been successfully used in industrial applications for decades. A special selection of those established industrial adhesives supplied by Jowat now also provide professional solutions for manual adhesive applications.
ORIGINAL Cabinet Hardware Jig
The ORIGINAL Cabinet Hardware Jig works on any cabinet door and drawer style from traditional and shaker cabinets to contemporary flat panel designs. The user-friendly layout prevents mistakes and eliminates the stress of constant measuring. Unlike typical cabinet hardware templates, this robust tool is made from hardened aircraft quality aluminum and features laser etched rulers, offering pinpoint precision that is guaranteed to .001" squareness.
Pin storage system for clothing and accessories
Salice's highly versatile Pin family expands once more with the introduction of a new product variation that enables the orderly and functional arrangement of clothing and a host of different items of everyday usage. Pin Hang can accommodate coats, scarves, hats and accessories. As for Pin Wine, Knife and Shelf, the assembly of this system is extremely easy, quick and intuitive. The Pin brackets can be moved easily and positioned anywhere with an ingenious fixing system that is extremely strong and stable.
Richelieu has tilt-out hampers
Now you can conceal and access laundry in one easy motion with the tilt-out hamper. Simply door mount the basket rest to a bottom hinged cabinet for easy one step slide-in/slide-out" basket removal. The series is available in two sizes and three finishes, stylish chrome, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Each is constructed with durable 6.6 mm wire and feature capacities of 1.7 bushels (55 Quarts) for the 16" wide unit, and 2.3 bushels (74 Quarts) for the large 21" unit.
Bosch announces heated jacket, hoodie
Bosch Power Tools, a world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories, has announced its newest heated gear additions, the GHJ12V Heated Jacket and GHH12V-20 Heated Hoodie. Including enhanced, modern designs and light, durable materials, the jacket and hoodie feature three temperature settings for enhanced control and comfort. Strategically placed heat zones in the chest and lower back offer through, efficient heating in a lightweight, easy-to-wear package.
Salice has universal hinge
The Salice universal hinge has been developed to provide a solution to most applications in the field of furniture doors. The hinge can be used with a very wide range of door materials and thicknesses: in addition to the classic cup for wooden doors, there is a plate-fixed version that is bonded to glass doors or mirrors and a third version with a screw-fixed plate for doors made of the special and thinner materials that are becoming increasingly popular.
Salice compact hinge for fall flaps
Pacta is Salice's compact hinge for fall flaps and operates without the need for additional stays or cables. This hinge offers a decelerated opening action and the fall of the door is gradual and controlled. In the fully open position, the door and base panel are aligned, creating a uniform and flat surface. This hinge offers high performance, is unique in its particular application and delivers stability and resistance. Pacta is also available with Push self-opening and comes in a variety of finishes.
Tiomos Hidden hinge system
With Tiomos Hidden, GRASS presents a hinge system that is entirely milled into the cabinet. Slender in design, this hinge plays to its multifaceted functional strengths behind the scenes. Amongst others, these include the perfectly integrated comfort system for gentle closing. In the colour option Night, Tiomos Hidden also impresses in combination with the latest design trends favouring dark surface finishes.
SCM thinks big, launches the new AREA XL
AREA XL is the new 5-axis CNC machining centre designed and manufactured by SCM for the industrial production of large format CLT panels. This solution, an evolution of the already popular and appreciated AREA model, was developed to meet the needs of those companies requiring high productivity, accuracy and reliability.
Wine base cabinet pullout
Rev-A-Shelf has the wine pullout, the perfect addition for any wine enthusiast or kitchen gourmet. Holds numerous bottles of wine on their side in this easy-access soft assist organizer, perfect for frameless, face frame and inset cabinet applications. Holds 20 bottles of wine in a gorgeous European inspired organizer. Offers gas spring assisted soft open and close. Universal for left or right hand and designed to accommodate a 15" minimum cabinet opening.
WORX has the MakerX rotary tool
The rotary tool and wood/metal crafter kit is part of the WORX MakerX system, which offers a new, innovative approach. Each compact tool in the system connects to a lightweight, go-anywhere MakerX Hub, powered by a WORX 20V, 1.5 Ah, Max Lithium, Power Share battery. The portable hub eliminates the need to be near an electrical outlet. Just pick the kit up and carry it along to any desired workstation or project location, indoors or out.
EGGER introduces the Decor Collection app
EGGER's new Decorative Collection App helps customers connect their online and offline resources. With the newly developed app, customers have the entire decorative collection at their fingertips and can use it to quickly select decors for their project, locate product information and availability, or easily order samples. Created with the customer in mind, the new app will make "your life easier as you work to meet project deadlines and deliver the high-quality, on-trend looks your customers demand."
Wilsonart has new laminate collection
Wilsonart has announced the final Virtual Design Library launch of the year. Based on research that suggests a strong connection between wellbeing and familiar elements found in the natural world, the new Wellness Collection features organic patterns, textures, and colours and brings healing, calm, and serenity to healthcare-built environments and beyond.
WORX introduces brad nailer/stapler
The new WORX 20V Power Share 18-gauge brad nailer and crown stapler eliminates the need for an air compressor, air hose as well as a hammer and nail. Nails and staples are driven by a sealed compressed air cylinder. It represents the first nail gun WORX has ever offered. The combination tool drives 18-gauge, brad nails. The nail gun fires 80 nails-per-minute and up to 500 nails on a single charge.
Planit Canada has CABINET VISION 2021
The new software enables cabinetmakers and fitters to efficiently meet growing global demand for sleek and modern handle-less cabinetry. Building on 37 years of successful use by woodworkers around the globe, the software has now been restructured to make it easier and more cost effective for cabinetmakers to start small and grow by only using the functionality they need. The database also includes features tailored to the needs of shops in Canada.
Bosch has new 3/8 In. hammer drill/driver
This 12V Max 3/8 In. hammer drill/driver is a professional-grade tool that provides real power at an unreal size. The Bosch GSB12V-300 features an efficient brushless motor that delivers 300 In.-Lbs. of torque, along with a max speed of 1,750 rpm and 26,250 bpm. With a head length of 6.7 In. and a weight of 1.8 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery),it provides two-speed transmission and 20+1 clutch settings, for more precise screwdriving.
2020 Insight v12 improves productivity
2020 has announced the release of its latest comprehensive ERP solution: 2020 Insight version 12. It offers new browser-based features for shop floor execution to improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency on the shop floor with real-time data access from anywhere, at any time, with any browser-enabled device. 2020 Insight can now be used on all devices - from smartphones to tablets and desktop PC's on the shop floor - which is helpful especially when looking at newly integrated mobile control points.
Blickle releases wheel and caster catalogue
Blickle, a leader in the design and manufacture of wheels and casters for a wide range of industries and applications, has released the 16th edition of its full line catalo. At a whopping 635 pages this full-colour, hard cover book contains detailed product information and specifications on over 30,000 wheels, casters and accessories. Several new product additions are highlighted including a new synthetic caster series called FLOW, wheels featuring Mulholland polyurethane treads.
JOBOX site vault offers secure site storage
Professionals know the value of security with their on-site storage. From tools to personal items, storage units need to stand up to the elements and to theft. The new Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault series of piano boxes and chests blends user-friendly storage solutions with next-gen security for peace of mind, allowing pros to focus on the job at hand. The premium Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault series features the upgraded Site-Vault series security system with reflective lock indicator.
Blum has MOVENTO narrow drawer locking device
The MOVENTO runner system gives you a synchronized feather-light glide, four-dimensional front adjustment and a dynamic load bearing capacity of 40 and 60 kg with high stability and excellent sag values. Narrow drawers are now possible thanks to Blum's new locking device. With this latest innovation from Blum, you can achieve internal drawer widths as small as 95 mm. The locking device is designed to work with a 13 mm drawer bottom recess allowing for a clean concealed appearance.
Bosch introduces two-speed screwdriver
This 12V Max 1/4 In. 2-speed hex screwdriver is a professional-grade tool that provides real power at an unreal size. The Bosch GSR12V-300HX features an efficient brushless motor that delivers 300 In.-Lbs. of torque, along with a max speed of 1,750 rpm. With a head length of 5.0 In. and a weight of 1.3 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery), this compact powerful screwdriver is an ideal tool for overhead work or tight spaces.
Tafisa Canada introduces LUMMIA
Tafisa Canada, a leading particleboard and TFL decorative panel manufacturer, is launching a first-of-its-kind North American-made collection of luxury lacquered panels. Called LUMMIA, this new and exclusive line will provide architects, designers and renovation enthusiasts with unparalleled options to create spectacular, lavish interiors according to their visions. They will appreciate the fact that the product's durability is unmatched, fully resistant to fingerprints, micro-scratches and UV rays.
Broan-NuTone launches designer collection
In keeping with a desire to ensure the best air quality management in every home, Broan-NuTone, a leader in home ventilation and air quality, is launching the new Designer Collection series of chimney hoods. With its high performance, quiet operation and affordable price, this new series has been created for today's homes. The Designer Collection now makes it possible to combine the finest in design with the ultimate in performance.
REV-A-Shelf's new blind corner optimizer
Maximize blind corner storage with the 53PSP and 53PSP3 Series, featuring natural maple, gray, or textured linen solid bottoms, chrome-plated round wire, or orion gray flat wire with soft-close slides and universal mounting. The unit is easy to assemble and installs for either left or right-handed applications. This blind corner optimizer fits most 45" & 48" door/drawer or full-height blind corner cabinets and features solid bottom shelves, soft-close ball-bearing slides and heavy-duty materials.
Formica Canada launches Everform collection
Formica Canada has launched Everform Solid Surface, a curated collection of acrylic solid surfacing designs to meet new demands from architects and designers. Previously known as Formica Solid Surfacing, the 38-pattern collection includes eight new modern, minimalist designs in subtle patterns and monochromatic tones for broad commercial and residential use. Everform is an acrylic surface made from natural mineral fiber and binding resins, and features color all the way through to its core.
EGGER launches first North American collection
The first EGGER Decorative Collection designed specifically for the North American market launched on Oct. 1, and offers a full range of matching decorative surface options created with market tastes and trends in mind. The collection for North America offers trend-forward designs from Europe along with decors created exclusively for the wants and needs of the North American market.
Caesarstone releases Calacatta Maximus
Quartz brand Caesarstone has released a new colour just in time for a new season - Calacatta Maximus. Breathing new life into classic marble, Calacatta Maximus elevates a luxurious design with oversized soft grey veining and fine copper-gold outlines reflect the authentic mineral deposits found in nature against a pure white slab. The graphic nature of Calacatta Maximus creates a timeless yet on trend statement. Calacatta Maximus is available now.
SICO paint unveils 2021 Colour of the Year
At a time when consumers have involuntarily slowed down their lifestyles and are craving comfort and a sense of optimism, the SICO paint brand by PPG suggests taking a cue from nature with its 2021 Colour of the Year: Blue-winged Warbler. Blue-winged Warbler is fittingly named after the North American songbird, whose vibrant colours are admired by nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventure seekers. Blue-winged Warbler is a complex combination of blue and green to create a jade aqua tone.
Wilsonart launches new woodgrain designs
Wilsonart announced the release of nine new woodgrain styles inspired by nature and boasting remarkable engineering for endless design possibilities. The new styles combine the best of nature with exceptional engineering. The luxurious collection of dimensional wood-textured laminate surfaces help cultivate a unique sense of place and remarkable aesthetic appeal in commercial spaces. Matching edgeband and TFL panels are also readily available.
WORX introduces its first 20 volt 7-1/4 inch sliding compound miter saw
The new WORX 20V Power Share 7-1/4 in. sliding compound miter saw is the go-to saw for homeowners, as well as trim and finish carpenters and deck builders. It is the first WORX bench top mitre saw in the U.S. and at 21 lbs. (with battery), its aluminum frame construction makes it less than half the weight of a conventional 10 in. sliding miter saw.
Bosch releases two brighter, tougher self-leveling lasers
Bosch Power Tools, a world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories, has announced the addition of two new lasers to its lineup: the Bosch GLL100-40G Green Beam Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser and the Bosch GCL100-40G Green Beam Self-Leveling Combination Laser with Plumb Points. The new tools use green-beam technology to emit vibrant green lines and points that are 4X brighter and more visible to the human eye than standard red beams—even in direct sunlight.
Formica Canada expands woodgrain collection
Formica Canada has launched an updated line of Formica Laminate Woodgrains giving designers a complete, on-trend and usable woodgrain palette for modern commercial spaces. Based on extensive research, the launch includes 16 new wood designs that also meet macro commercial design trends in nature and natural materials and offer durable, cleanable commercial surfaces.
DEWALT's 20V MAX offers more power
DEWALT introduces the 20V MAX* with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE technology built into four new 20V MAX brushless tools, including a 7-1/4-In. circular saw, 1/2-In. hammer drill/driver, reciprocating saw and 4-1/2-In.-5-In. cordless grinder. DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries have the ability to provide a new threshold of power and performance. These tools, equipped with the FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE technology, recognize the battery attached and adjust power output accordingly making these tools ideal for demanding applications.
Dulux Paints unveils 'Be Well' 2021 palette
Nostalgic neutrals are making a comeback amid uncertain times. Dulux Paints has released its soothing 'Be Well' 2021 palette of the year to help weary, overstimulated Canadians refresh their homes The 'Be Well' 2021 palette of the year is infused with soft, nostalgic neutrals. Think creamy oatmeal, warm latte, earthy turquoise and toasty ginger – organic tones that emit a sense of calm and tranquility.
GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim wins again
The Kinvaro T-Slim flap system has just earned its second design award. After the Red Dot Design Award 2020, Kinvaro T-Slim also wins the German Design Award 2021 in the category "Excellent Product Design – Furniture." Overhead wall cabinets are still one of the most popular storage solutions in the kitchen and with Kinvaro T-Slim GRASS' motto is: Super. Slim. T-Slim. Kinvaro T-Slim is the thinnest, most efficient fitting ever developed by GRASS.
Blum introduces new catalogue and technical manual
Blum's new 2020/21 catalogue presents the company's latest products and gives cabinet makers new abilities to create custom furniture. Innovations include the new AVENTOS HK top lift system with compact mechanisms and a high performance range, the SPACE STEP toe kick solution that is a combination of step platform and concealed storage space, and the practical and easy-to-implement pull-out shelf lock for TANDEM and MOVENTO.
GRASS' MB series single-joint hinge
Looking for a solution for extremely narrow reveals, heavy doors, rebated doors or direct height adjustment? With the single-joint hinges of GRASS' MB series made in Germany with tool-free door clip assembly, you always make the right choice. Reduction to the essential for GRASS means concentrating on quality, design and function. GRASS' range of hinges for furniture in offices and public buildings is the best reference for this. They offer the ideal single-joint hinge for any application.
Sugatsune Canada has heavy-duty, push-to-open latch
Sugatsune's heavy-duty magnetic touch latch features strong push force. Ideal for use on full-size doors and it eliminates the need for handles. Create hidden doors in closets, pantries, and other spaces. The new ML-ZN80 push-to-open latch is strong enough for large doors with a concealable design that allows for easy and flushed installation. Can be used with their concealed hinges for a perfect seamless finish.
Schock creates CRISTADUR Green Line
The German company Schock – the inventor of the granite sink – has created a world first in the form of CRISTADUR Green Line, the most sustainable quartz composite sinks from SCHOCK. For the new line, the company developed the first sink material to consist of 99 percent natural, renewable or recycled raw materials.
Matte is the new black
Baldwin Hardware's Prestige Spyglass handle sets, doorknobs, levers, and deadbolts with SmartKey technology, are now available in the rich, bold, and dramatic matte black finish and feature a secret weapon: Microban technology that works continuously to keep Baldwin door hardware cleaner for longer, providing non-stop antimicrobial product protection. Complementing any home, the flat charcoal color comes with the added peace of mind of a layer of protection built into the coating.
SAMES KREMLIN has new Airmix pump
SAMES KREMLIN announces the release of the new 15C50 & 35C50 Airmix pump packages. In 1975, SAMES KREMLIN created Airmix technology and has been a leader in the industry by providing the perfect mix between quality and productivity. The 15C50 compact Airmix paint pump is the ideal partner for your Airmix spray guns providing exceptional finish quality & high transfer efficiency. The 35C50 Airmix® paint pump ensures constant and pulse-free delivery for superior, industrial finishing.
Salice introduces universal hinge
The Salice universal hinge has been developed to provide a solution to most applications in the field of furniture doors. The hinge can be used with a very wide range of door materials and thicknesses: in addition to the classic cup for wooden doors, there is a plate-fixed version that is bonded to glass doors or mirrors and a third version with a screw-fixed plate for doors made of the special and thinner materials that are becoming increasingly popular, such as metal, ceramics, cements, quartz composites.
RAMS Industries expands Benjamin Moore edgebanding line
RAMS Industries is expanding its Benjamin Moore edgebanding program. Due to the successful launch of the initial Benjamin Moore colour selection at the beginning of 2020, RAMS Industries is now extending the program and offers nine of the most popular colors in 15/16" x 0.018" and 15/16" x 1mm from stock.
Festool introduces TID 18 cordless impact driver
This compact powerhouse from Festool offers an impressive service life thanks to its extremely robust hammer mechanism. The perfect combination of the new generation brushless EC-TEC motor and the battery pack ensure maximum performance and endurance. Long lasting quality components, maximum power from its powerful new generation brushless EC-TEC motor and exceptionally robust hammer mechanism, the TID 18 is ready for long-lasting use.
SAMES KREMLIN launches new airspray diaphragm pumps
SAMES KREMLIN is excited to announce the release of three, ultra-modern, high-performance diaphragm pumps: the 01D140, 01D140E, and 04D140. These pumps are designed for fluid transfer and medium paint circulating systems for a large range of paint applications. The 01D140E is designed with specific EPDM diaphragms for water-based abrasive product applications like porcelain and ceramics. These pumps will deliver high performance with long-term reliability and are perfect for fast color changes.
Caesarstone Canada has new Outdoor Collection
Caesarstone Canada is launching a combination of industry-leading breakthrough innovation and beauty to be the first quartz manufacturer to take these surfaces outside. Solaris, the outdoor collection will launch with three feature colours that provide the convenience of stain and scratch resistant, non-porous, easy-to-clean surfaces, with the durability to withstand all the elements – rain, snow or shine. Engineered and tested to withstand UV rays and extreme long-term environmental conditions.
Upgrading to the Quadro 4D
Hettich Canada has the Quadro 4D runner for wooden drawers; the upgraded version of the famous Quadro. What makes the Quadro 4D so special is its steel ball bearings. Think about it: Cars, airplanes, trains, appliances, even tools and machinery rely on the steel bearings. Now, the steel ball bearing Quadro 4D can make your kitchen move, too. The Quadro 4D drawer slides also guarantees the ultimate in drawer convenience: attractive design through concealed installation and long service life.
New chalk reels from Crescent Lufkin
For too long, professionals have had to deal with chalk reels that are messy, inefficient and poorly built. That's why Crescent Lufkin is launching its new line of chalk reels, designed to erase the most common problems with the competition's products. The new chalk reels from Crescent Lufkin put those problems to bed. The 100-foot Professional Reel (#CLO100) is available with dual-material or aluminum case and features an end hook that retracts into a nested position, protecting it from unwanted snags.
Elias Woodwork introduces Precision Series
Elias Woodwork introduces the Precision Series doors & drawer fronts. This new line of slim-frame shaker doors have a very narrow frame fixed to a ¾" panel. They can be customized in the size, species and finishing options of your choice. The Precision Series doors take a streamlined modern style to whole new level with an innovative approach by simply adding a thin frame to a veneer panel. The clean lines and simplicity of these doors will appeal to any modern leaning homeowner.
Superfici America offers full-cover door & panel sprayer
This door and panel spray machine delivers maximum results with minimum coating used. The spray guns only activate when the doors/panels are passing through the booth. Perfect for water or solvent-based applications. This solution covers both sides of the door or panel in a single pass.
Caesarstone offers the Dark Collection
Caesarstone, a leading manufacturer of high-quality quartz surfaces, launched its new collection featuring four new colours with rich new shades and natural finishes for 2020. The Dark Collection embraces a contemporary trend in kitchens and bathrooms that has recently set a bold tone. Today, black is reconsidered as a modern classic, used as a stark accent or a powerful overall look. Dark slate and stone, along with oxidised metal and black lacquered wood, are among the remarkable materials being combined
HOLZ-HER DYNESTIC 7535 CNC offers 5-axis
HOLZ-HER's DYNESTIC 7535 CNC with 5-axis cutting spindle is the flagship of the new series of nesting machines made by HOLZ-HER. Featuring a solid gantry design that ensures utmost precision and optimum cutting results via two synchro drives. The DYNESTIC 7535 is equipped with the completely newly developed CAMPUS software package. Whether as a DYNESTIC 7535 classic, push, automatic or lift - this 5-axis CNC machine sets standards!
Osborne Wood Products has metal table pedestal bases
Osborne Wood Products, a family-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of fine decorative wood and metal products for the cabinetry, furniture and remodeling industries, is now offering a new series of high-quality metal table pedestal bases. The Arkwright pedestal offers clean lines and industrial style for just the right touch for any contemporary or industrial-themed space. The edgy Cartwright pedestal's distinctive geometric pattern is sure to make a statement in any room and the Cromford base
Cefla has the Aquadry in-line oven
Cefla's in-line system for drying mainly water-based paints combines the effectiveness of high speed hot air and high radiation capacity IR lamps. It is the most efficient system for drying water-based paints, because it cuts the times needed to evaporate any water contained in the finishes. The hot air ventilation creates a high flow-rate area. The optional infrared lamps can have differential wavelengths and penetration depths. Perfect for panels, flat & raised panels, stairs, raised & flat doors, indoor
Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer system coming this fall
Hettich's new AvanTech YOU drawer system was first introduced at Interzum 2019 in Cologne, Germany and now it's coming to the Canadian market. With it's official launch to the Canadian market this fall, Hettich is making customization in colour, shape and material the standard in furniture design. With this drawer system, it's now possible for customers to give the market a diverse range of furniture on the basis of just one drawer.
WEINIG HOLZ-HER has the Powermat 3000
The WEINIG Powermat 3000 is made for feed speeds of up to 100 m/min. It covers every requirement - from pre-planing with hydro technology to built-to-order production. This particularly flexible machine sets new standards in its class in terms of operation, set-up time and safety. PowerLock tool holders and jointers ensure an immaculate multi-knife finish.
Powermatic offers the PM 2014 wood lathe
Powermatic offers the PM2014 wood lathe – the most accessible lathe it has ever brought to market. This innovative lathe brings professional-grade woodworking capabilities within reach of more woodworkers by featuring 115V single-phase power input, easy disassembly for transport and an adjustable stand (optional). Other premium features include a movable control box, digital speed and indexing readout, anti-rotation tailstock key, and more.
HOMAG has CML E350 multi blade rip saw
The CML E350 multi-rip saw is available as a fixed or moving blade solution. Featuring a high-performance patented roller chain and nylon guide block system for glue-line accuracy. This unique design offers nearly triple the capacity of many alternative prism designs.
Richelieu's Fioro offers quality and style
Richelieu complements its selection of kitchen accessories by introducing Fioro - stylish pullout shelves that combine high quality metal shelves with wood front panels and side rails. This innovative solution helps create design harmony in interior decor. Keeping up with industry trends, Fioro offers both an aesthetic and functional solution allowing anyone to have outstanding design on the inside of their cabinets too.
Ven Spray One: plug it in and let it paint
Small solution, big benefit and reproducible results. With the Ven Spray One, Venjakob has developed a compact painting machine that is tailored to the needs of craftsmen and small businesses. With the newly designed individual solution, joiners, carpenters and all companies that coat in small quantities can get started with semi-automated coating - quickly and easily at an attractive price. Workpieces that were otherwise coated using the hand-held spray gun can now be painted faster.
REHAU launches RAUVISIO matte surface
REHAU has launched its RAUVISIO noirTM monotonic matte surface featuring the intensely rich and muted aesthetic of film noir. Forged in Italy with the finest materials and offered in North America as surfaces and custom cabinet doors, the new super-matte collection aspires to become the soul of modern residential and commercial spaces. Like the film genre, RAUVISIO noir bridges two worlds: the forged and the refined. Labeled "monotonic," RAUVISIO noir retains all of its elemental properties.
Marathon Hardware presents its Summer Collection
Marathon's new Summer Collection of decorative hardware features some favourites from the current catalogue and a few hidden gems. This selection of modern and transitional handles and knobs can complement each other in projects, having matching finishes that can be combined to create a homogenous aesthetic. Marathon's expansive selection of high-quality decorative hardware is a great source from which interior designers can gather inspiration and available options for their projects.
Akhurst offers Selexx series CNC routers
The Anderson Selexx is an industrial-duty workhorse CNC designed for the demanding user that is also looking for the best value. It is the perfect CNC solution for those that don't quite require the super high production and extreme speeds provided by our larger Stratos & Exxact Models, but do need a high-performance, rock-solid dependable machine. Available in 4'x8', 5'x10', and 5'x12' standard table sizes. The optional panel evacuation device is the ideal feature to speed up cutting operations.
Cabinet Configurator by Blum
Total support from planning to manufacturing. Blum has released a successor to its tried and tested DYNAPLAN planning software: The Cabinet Configurator by Blum. Plan entire cabinets in your web browser – free of charge, no need for installation and always up to date. Configure Blum fittings using the integrated collision check with just a few clicks and then send your order directly to the online shops of selected distributors. Comprehensive planning results make manufacturing quick and simple.
SAMES KREMLIN introduces FPro S manual airspray gun
SAMES KREMLIN has released its new FPro Suction gun range. The FPro S (Suction) guns are a combination of the successful features of the FPro P, such as the lightweight gun body, enhanced suction capacity valves, the Vortex, and a few new features. SAMES KREMLIN's new FPro S guns offer a breakthrough in spraying technology, enhanced suction power and brand new suction cups. FPro delivers performance at your fingertips with effortless perfect spray finishing.
Salice offers Wind lift system
Salice has the Wind lift system, which is characterized by compactness and elegant design. Its movement is smooth and perfectly controlled. Wind is small and unobtrusive, enabling the maximum utilization of cabinet internal space. In the kitchen environment, Wind has strong functional appeal — a compact adjustable lift system that takes up a minimum of valuable storage space.
Circle-T M312 easy drawer notcher
The Circle-T M312 drawer notcher from Akhurst is designed to notch and drill a locating hole simultaneously on drawer boxes for installing undermount drawer slides. Now foot pedal operated for added operator convenience. Available in either 120V, 220V single phase, or 230V 3-phase. Configured with a 4" dust port to keep the worktable clear of chips. Uses a 6" diameter dado cutter, which is included with the machine.
A swirl of inspiration
Richelieu offers a collection of decorative hardware designed in close collaboration with renowned artist and designer Jean-Claude Poitras. Blending the exquisite and exceptional, in tandem with vision and talent, the Muse collection will dazzle and impress. Inspired by organic shell-like elements, the Kara line features ripples that culminate in an impressive, innovative style. Its discreetly concave and convex shapes, hollow centre and smooth curves emphasize the richness and ingenuity of the design.
DEWALT expands XTREME subcompact series
The 12V MAX cordless reciprocating saw is compact and performance-packed. At only 3.04 lbs. (bare tool) and 12.12 in. in length and featuring an efficient brushless motor, it delivers up to 2,800 SPM. This is combined with a 5/8 in. stroke length that offers fast and efficient cutting. The saw is equipped with an LED for visibility, a variable-speed trigger for added control, and a tool-free blade release for quick and easy blade changes.
CVR vacuum staining system
Cefla's water-based stain or prime application and drying systems for mouldings integrates sanding, coating and drying in one single and easy-to-use machine. A vacuum unit applies water-based stains or primers uniformly on any moulding and shape producing a consistent and uniform coloring. This vacuum process enhances grain definition without the need for brush or hand wiping.
A showcase of curves
Richelieu features an exciting collection of decorative hardware designed in close collaboration with renowned artist and designer Jean-Claude Poitras. Blending the exquisite and exceptional, in tandem with vision and talent, the Muse collection will dazzle and impress. Yugen embodies modernity with its sleek curvilinear forms in a semi-gloss black finish. Its impactful scale and shape make this style a striking choice for any furniture or cabinetry.
SCM's cyflex s for small spaces
This small machining centre for vertical drilling is able to produce up to 400 pieces per shift, is ideal for batch size 1 production and drilling on five faces of the panel with routing and grooving operations. Reliability and flexibility with the reduced maintenance of the drilling unit and with shortest machining cycles and zero downtime for setup operations.
Felder Group has PCS safety innovation
Felder Group has PCS, a revolutionary innovation in safety equipment for sliding table panel saws. PCS (Preventive Contact System) from Felder prevents accidents by detecting the risk of an accident and then triggers the lowering of the saw blade under the panel saw table at incredible speed. The entire process takes just a fraction of a second and is absolutely non-destructive.
Bi-Mastic Prima 5.3 Plus edgebander
The Bi-Matic Prima 5.3 Plus edgebander from Akhurst is designed to apply coil edgebanding up to 3mm thick. Working units include 3mm guillotine, dual saw high frequency end trim, high frequency top & bottom trimmers, PVC radius scraping, glue scraping, and buffing. The added glue-scraping unit ensures any glue left on the surface of the panel is removed before the buffing unit. This provides a clean and precise edge and does not allow the glue to transfer to the buffing wheels.
J-Print TD digital printer for tactile effects
Cefla's J-PRINT TD single-pass printer can print tactile effects using a specific technology enabling it to create raised/textural effects on otherwise flat surfaces. It prints at resolutions up to 400 dpi and speeds up to 50 m/min. This advanced printer employs the technology to create positive and negative tactile effects with outstanding realism and a high value for money, reliable process.
Veneta high efficiency dust collector with auger
Now available, Veneta's enclosed modular line of dust collector offers proven, high efficiency interior units with impressive specifications, including one of the industry's lowest noise production levels. Veneta's efforts are focused on design, ease of operation and safety. These units feature an integrated fire suppression system, automatic filer cleaning system, reduced power consumption.
Vortex tool's XP tooling delivers longer tool life
XP "Xtreme Performance" tooling from Vortex Tool Company, Inc. delivers precise cutting performance with longer tool life. XP tooling is manufactured of solid carbide without any additive coatings that are removed when sharpened. This solid carbide construction coupled with the tool's geometry creates a tool that runs longer, saving users' time and money throughout the life of the tool.
Suhner offers newly designed BEX 15 spindle
Suhner Industrial Products has introduced the BEX 15 with maximum spindle speed up to 23,000 RPM, thus offering higher speeds and improved production inline. Standard variations are equipped with electric motors of 0.55 kW, 0.75 kW and 1.5 kW. An adapter flange is designed for the installation of multiple spindle heads and angle heads. A new style timing belt drive multiplies the motor speed up to 13,050-RPM spindle speed. An AC inverter drive is used to increase the spindle speed up to 23,000 RPM at 87 Hz
MICROJIG introduces MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp AP
MICROJIG's MATCHFIT dovetail clamps eliminated the need for T-track and gave makers infinite hold-down placement options using sliding dovetail tracks. Now, the company is building on that with another innovation to streamline the shop: the MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp AP. The new clamp allows woodworkers to clamp in two directions at once, doing the work of two clamps in one with the new X-Pad accessory, which comes standard.
Salvador SuperPush200 at HOMAG
The SALVADOR SuperPush 200 Optimizing Cross Cut Saw is the result of over 30 years of woodworking innovation. The SuperPush 200 features a powerful 10 horsepower motor, 30-degree incline infeed table, intuitive windows operating software and advanced safety features designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity for manufacturers of all sizes. Optimizing by length and quality (grade).
Milwaukee Tool expand its line of cordless nailing solutions
Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its line of cordless nailing solutions from frame to finish with the introduction of their very first cordless framing mailers, the M18 FUEL 21° framing nailer and M18 FUEL 30° framing nailer. Delivering the power to sink nails in engineered lumber, these framing nailers can also fire up to 3 nails per second with no gas cartridges required. With best-in-class power, the M18 FUEL framing nailers provide users the ability to confidently fire into the most demandin
Häfele Canada introduces connector for larger furniture
The one-piece SC 8/60 spreading connector from Häfele is perfect for larger furniture that requires it to be taken apart for transport and reassembled at the destination. The connector is inserted into an 8 mm hole and the furniture sections are then joined together manually. The pre-installed tightening screw is turned 180°, spreading the connector and pulling the furniture parts together. Easy installation and completely invisible after assembly – for clean, elegant furniture design.
Marathon Hardware launches expanded line of drawer systems
Marathon Hardware introduces the Legacy Prima and Legacy Endura drawer systems. Marathon's new Legacy collection of drawer systems includes the original line, newly renamed Legacy Prima, and the brand new Legacy Endura line. Sharing a modern and stylish slim drawer look that has become the new standard, these systems offer cabinet makers high-quality hardware that can improve their bottom line.
Anderson MLS Multi- Bunk Loading System from Akhurst
The Anderson MLS Multi-Bunk Loading System from Akhurst is designed to load full sheets of panel material automatically onto an Anderson or Omnitech full-line CNC router without dragging it and potentially damaging the panel. It is available with 2, 4, or 6 pre-staged lifts of material and can load from full bunks of material up to 48" in overall height. The MLS greatly reduces loading time, which will immediately increase your productivity and profitability.
HOMAG has Kentwood HBR 300
The Kentwood HBR 300 horizontal re-saw is built with high-performance, innovation, and economic value in mind. With standard features including heavy-duty cast iron wheels to absorb vibration, hydraulic wheel tensioning, inverter feed drive, a powerful 30hp main motor, and automatic digital blade height setup, the HBR Series are helping manufacturers nationwide increase the flexibility and overall efficiency of their productions.
Planit Canada offers Cabinet Vision Submittals Database
The Cabinet Vision Submittals Database is a powerful collection of CAD blocks (ex. leaders with autotext, title blocks, common symbols, etc.), case part operations, catalogue items (ex. ADA sink, closet shelf, countertop bracket), fasteners, hinges, doors, drawers, rollouts, locks and pulls, all made for the commercial millwork project with the latest North American Architectural Woodwork Standards (NAAWS) standards.
Blum introduces pullout shelf lock
Quality of living is not only determined by design but also by convenience. That is why Blum has developed a practical lock-open stop for our pull-out shelves with full extension. The discreet and space-saving mechanism securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place. Pull-out shelves are locked in position exactly where they are needed, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or utility room.
WEINIG-HOLZ-HER has Dynestic 5-axis
WEINIG-HOLZ-HER Canada brings you the new standard in 5-axis nesting. The Dynestic 5-axis delivers all the traditional benefits of a nested-based router and the dynamic technology of 5-axis machining. Combined with fully automatic and integrated in feed and out feed options, this solution will speed up production, eliminate waste, and bring your panel processing to the next level.
RAMS Industries launches Benjamin Moore-matched edgebanding
RAMS Industries now offers edgebanding that matches the most popular Benjamin Moore colors. RAMS Industries meets the current trend in kitchen design contrasting whites and grays with navy blue colours. The new edgebanding program is available from stock in four distinct colors: CC-40 Cloud White, OC-65 Chantilly Lace, HC-154 Hale Navy, and HC-169 Coventry Grey. The Benjamin Moore edgebanding program eliminates the time-consuming task for woodworkers to paint the edgebanding to match the door colour.
Hoffmann-USA: Two versions of manual edge clamps
Hoffmann Machine Company is offering their new standard-duty aluminum Edge Clamp Standard and the production-duty Edge Clamp UNI featuring forged-steel construction. Both models are available in two sizes for different panel thickness ranges. Applications include solid wood edges on tabletops and shelves, attaching face-frames to cabinets and shutter panel assembly. Edge Clamp UNI can also be used to align cabinet sides during assembly.
Cefla has Prima one-arm reciprocating spray machine
Cefla's one-arm oscillating spray machine is ideal for companies seeking cost-effectiveness, excellent flexibility and productivity. User-friendly and reliable with low operating cost and initial investment. Perfect for fast colour changes and small production batches. Can be used as a stand-alone unit, tended by one or two workers who load or unload work pieces by hand. Prima is ideal for flat panels, raised or curved panels, flat doors, and raised doors.
Accuride has heavy-duty linear track system
Accuride offers a wide array of innovative and reliable solutions, including its 116RC Heavy-Duty Linear Track System, a state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant solution for sliding doors that also supports such structures as large screens, panels, movable walls, and movable countertops. Accuride also recently-launched its online store and new website, which add convenience, education and support to the user experience.
introduces SlabMizer slab flattener
With the growing demand for high-quality finished wood slabs in the woodworking industry, Wood-Mizer introduces the SlabMizer MB200 slab flattener ideal for sawmill owners, woodworkers, and professional workshops. Built in the USA, the SlabMizer efficiently surfaces and flattens wood slabs, boards, burls, cookies, and other wide material with minimal labor. Compared to a traditional router or planer, the SlabMizer flattens wider and thicker material up to 56" wide and 8" thick in less time using powered cut
OMAL lockdowel insertion machine
CNC Automation has the OMAL lockdowel horizontal bore and lockdowel insert machine. The insert lockdowel is a numerically controlled machine to drill and press in the lockdowel h-clip or channel lock, 8 x 40mm steel spring pin and an 8 x 40mm wood dowel. The dowel insertion revolver holds a dowel while a dowel is inserted, plus checks via fibre optic sensor to see if the dowel is present to prevent misfeeds. The OMAL "SURE SHOT" revolver system guarantees a dowel is inserted every time.
Cefla has vacuum 
UV finishing line
Cefla puts professional UV finishing within reach of your business. UV finishes are the most attractive and cost-effective options for high quality wood finishing. Coatings are available in a wide assortment of formulations to match any requirements of color and sheen as well as abrasion and chemical resistance. The process provides total control of the cure temperature, making it ideal for application on heat sensitive substrates.
Superfici America announces Mini Plus Evolution
The Superfici Mini Plus Evolution offers superior finishing at 3 m/m with four guns, a pressurized cabin minimizing overspray, automatic paper conveyance, two-sided cabin access for easy cleaning, a laser reader bar for automatic gun activation, and highly accurate coating application. Mini Plus Evolution can store over 100 recipes, manage operations and receive production reports with the external control panel PLC. Revolutionize your finishing with this affordable Superfici America solution.
Cornerstone MAXX from Häfele Canada
Floating design meets innovative technology – giving you MAXXimum functionality from your base corner unit. The large shelves operate independently and it's easy to assemble and install, giving your customer MAXXimum use of space with minimum effort. Shelf height can be easily adjusted, even after installation. The Cornerstone MAXX is sleek with beautiful aesthetics, using every inch of your cabinet. Straight-extending movement with mechanical opening support makes daily life easier.
Blum is taking storage to new levels
Brings multi-functionality to areas that are frequently left unused. The SPACE STEP toe kick solution consists of a step, which extends with a single touch and a drawer underneath for seldom used items. Create extra storage space behind toe kicks, provide easy access to wall cabinets and let children lend a helping hand - SPACE STEP brings multi-functionality to cabinet plinths.
Felder Group introduces Handwerk 4.0
Handwerk 4.0 is a new, completely integrated network and machine solution by Felder Group. Specifically designed for small and medium sized cabinetmakers, Handwerk 4.0 is a complete package delivering everything needed for production. It comes complete with software, a server, dust extractors and production machinery and even includes all tooling and even cables necessary for a complete turn key, plug 'n play solution.
Elias Woodwork offers a new line of doors
Elias Woodwork continues to expand its thermofoil products with the introduction of their new line of 5-piece rigid thermofoil (RTF) doors and drawer fronts. Using a 5-piece miter construction, these doors more closely resemble real wood doors and drawer fronts with the grain running in the direction of the stile and rail.
Akhurst offers Altendorf F5 compact edgebander
The Altendorf F5 from Akhurst is a compact edgebander with unparalleled edge quality. It features a user-friendly touch screen interface and a feed speed of 7m/min. The F5 guarantees edge finishing in all stages and directions, as it comes equipped with working units including pre-milling, end trim, top/bottom trim, corner rounding, radius scraping, glue scraping, and buffing.
The Kentwood M612HD 4 sided multi spindle moulder features heavy-duty configurations designed to meet the requirements and challenges of high-volume, industrial producers. The M612HD provides extra machining capabilities to efficiently handle applications requiring multiple changeovers due to short production runs.
CNC Automation introduces VOLPATO edge finishing
Wood edge finishing is a complex operation that goes through several phases. This process can be complimentary to other processes such as milling, intended both as shaping of the profile and as rounding of the corners, sanding with an abrasive belt, brushing with abrasive wheels or brushes and, lastly, any polishing. VOLPATO now offers the production of custom built machines for edge finishing, which are made to customer guidelines and can guarantee their ability to obtain a high quality finished product.
GRASS introduces Kinvaro T-Slim
Coming to Canada in January, GRASS' Kinvaro T-Slim offers "a new dimension of invisibility." Overhead wall cabinets are still one of the most popular storage solutions in the kitchen and with Kinvaro T-Slim GRASS' motto is: Super. Slim. T-Slim. Kinvaro T-Slim is the thinnest, most efficient fitting ever developed by GRASS. It combines purist looks with outstanding durability and the art of perfect movement in a unique way.
Blum has LEGRABOX Terra black matt
Linear. Sleek. Slim. That's LEGRABOX. The box system impresses with its clear contours, parallel drawer side design and accent lines as a central design element. In addition to LEGRABOX pure with matt, metallic finishes, the LEGRABOX free design version allows high fronted pullouts to be customized to individual designs.
Caron introduces slimmer Shaker cabinet doors
Renowned for its sleek lines and simple beauty, here Caron's popular Shaker style has been updated with a slimmer, more stylish frame. The result delivers a modern variant on a classic design, stable sturdy construction in wood or premium MDF, shallow central panel to facilitate finishing and maintenance and great value for money.
WEIMA offers Woodchuck
WEIMA's Woodchuck is a single-shaft shredder and the smallest the manufacturer offers, which makes it ideal for operations with multiple machining centres. Woodchucks are hopper-fed shredders that are ideal for shredding panel scrap. The rotor design incorporates cutting knives that are bolted into welded knife holders.
RAMS Industries has biodegradable edgebanding
RAMS Industries has partnered with BioPlastic Solutions to offer BioEdge, a petroleum-free, non-toxic, and food safe edgebanding solution in Canada. BioEdge enables Canadian woodworkers to qualify their furniture components in LEED-certified building projects, support their product philosophy, or assist them with their product return strategy implementation.
Planit Canada announces Cabinet Maker
Planit Canada Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Cabinet Maker by Cabinet Vision, an entry-level rental software that helps cabinet shops get started on the road to automation; providing customer presentations, quotes and manufacturing information. Cabinet Maker enables cabinet shops purchasing CNC machines to rent an affordable design and manufacture software by Cabinet Vision directly through machinery vendors.
Vortex Tool Company has new catalog
Vortex Tool Company's new 112-page product catalog, Catalog #9, is now available. The catalog includes thousands of tools divided into wood tooling, plastic tooling, insert tooling and machine tool accessories sections to make it easy to find the tool you need. The catalog introduces new tool series and contains valuable technical information that can be used to calculate feeds and speeds for programming CNC machines.
Blum issues new catalogue
No matter whether in hard copy or online, Blum's product catalogue is always a popular reference book for cabinet makers. The new. 700-page catalogue is packed with useful information and the latest innovations. Find product innovations offering new possibilities in furniture design: new hinges, BLUMOTION S runners, CLIP top and BLUMOTION in onyx black. Blum has also picked up on a design trend: thin fronts for lift systems, doors and pull-outs.
Fravol Master offers compact edgebanding
CNC Automation offers the Fravol Master series of compactand fully featured edgebanders. A single automatic edging machine for application of PVC, ABS, melamine, veneer and solid wood edges in strips or rolls. Measuring less than 3.5 meters in length, the Fravol Master series edgebander is one of the most compact edgebanders on the market with both pre-milling and an all-in-one end trimming and corner-rounding unit. 
Compact CNC solution from Felder Group
Felder's new Creator 950 offers traditional CNC processing in a small space. With attractive standard equipment, modern CNC technology and individual additional options, the creator 950 offers efficient CNC processing at a fair price. No lost time in changing tools — the big advantage when compared to other CNC machines: No vacuum pods and console positioning, no field selection, just start working. The fast and intuitive programming is one of the key technologies with Format-4. That's why the cost-ef
Tavinea Sorto by GRASS
With Tavinea Sorto, GRASS offers a new and compact fitting-out system for the inside of drawers. Whether using one, two or three elements — with the new frame system it is possible to fit out drawers of any width quickly and easily. Spacer and anti-slip device in one — the innovative corner connection of the frames ensures firm attachment to the bottom panel and scratch-free positioning at the side walls and elements. The powder-coated frame system ma
KUPER unveils new veneer saw at IWF
KUPER introduced a new veneer saw to the American market at IWF Atlanta. The new saw is for accurately cutting veneer bundles of any veneer thickness. The optional routing head produces an even smoother edge for a fine splice line. Other thin material like HPL or thin-MDF can also be cut with this machine. The new saw is a perfect addition to the KUPER FL Innovation longitudinal veneer splicer."
KCD Software has CNC Manager
Excellent for kitchens, baths, closets, entertainment centers and more. KCD Software's One Button CNC Commander takes beautifully rendered custom designs and turns them into machine-ready code for your CNC equipment. The KCD v10 CNC Manager has an intuitive interface with more options to maximize a shop's material yield. The more information you input the better the optimization of your nested parts. Innovative Agile Shop™ technology is at the core of KCD's design, price, construction detail, and CNC
Combilift launches Combi-OP order picker
Combilift, the material handling solutions provider, has launched the first purpose-built order picker. The Combi-OP is the first purpose-built order picker on the worldwide market for long products. Previously customers have had to modify traditional order pickers to cope with the specific demands of long loads. The Combi-OP now guarantees much more efficient and non-compromised operation for easy picking of long profiles in, for example, steel service centres.
Planit adds GRASS hardware packages
Planit Canada has made new GRASS hardware packages available for download.Among the new packages are GRASS NovaPro Drawer System available for Cabinet Vision version 10 & 11 and GRASS Kinvaro Liftert, also available for Cabinet Vision version 10 & 11. Head over to Planit Canada to see them all.
Biesse offers the Selco 6 Series saw
The Selco 6 Series is at the heart of the product range of Horizontal beam saws for the Biesse Group. The 6 Series is ideal for satisfying the production requirements of medium- and large-sized manufacturers regardless of batch size. The 6 Series is available in an array of configurations from single axis front and rear loading to complex angular panel sizing systems. Each is available with a variety of features to meet the most demanding production and flexibility requirements. The 6 Series is the perfect
DULUX Paints unveils Colours of the Year
Night Watch and Mojito Shimmer bring a contemporary take on old-school elegance. Homeowners craving a contemporary version of old-school elegance and sophistication can look to DULUX® Paints by PPG for trending paint colour inspiration. DULUX has named two deep green tones as Colours of the Year for 2019: Night Watch (DLX1145-7), a deep green-black from the brand's new colour collection, and Mojito Shimmer (036VS), a glistening, frosted dark green from the Dulux Effec
PalletPal Rotator Inverter
The PalletPal Rotator Inverter from Southworth Products Corp. is the fast, safe, and easy way to invert a fully loaded pallet without the need for labor intensive, time-consuming manual restacking. The most common use of the PalletPal Rotator Inverter is for switching loads from in-house pallets to shipping pallets or slip sheets. Other uses include replacing broken pallets, replacing damaged boxes or bags (at the bottom of the load), or turning inventory for mixing.
Festool has new CT Cyclone
Festool will launch the new CT CYCLONE, an anti-static, pre-separator for large debris and coarse dust that is designed to be used with a Festool CT Dust Extractor on Oct. 1. By separating large particulate before it reaches the dust collector, users can increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their portable Festool dust collection systems by reducing the number of filter bags needed. The CT CYCLONE also reduces the overall dust load on the main dust extractor filter.
Akhurst Machinery offers the ITALPRESSE XL hot press which is available in standard sizes with widths from 1300mm to 2200 mm and in lengths from 1300 mm to 5200 mm. Features digital control for easily adjusting pressure, pressing time, and temperature. Available in fabricated steel & drilled solid steel platens. Re-circulating thermo oil heating system for consistent pressing temperatures.
RAMPA offers threaded insert type SKD330
RAMPA showed its patented threaded insert type SKD330 at the IWF in Atlanta in August. The innovative three external thread design prevents the insert from tilting when screwed in thereby allowing for perfectly straight installation every time. In addition, the new patented thread provides up to 2.5 times faster processing in all wood and wood related materials. Self-cutting inserts or threaded inserts are an integral part of construction elements in the wood, plastic and metal.
Bosch offers more power in a smaller package
The only thing that can make increased battery power more attractive is putting all that additional performance in a smaller package. With the help of greater power efficiency found in 21700 Lithium-ion cell technology, Bosch has developed the GBA18V40 CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery to bring all of the capability of the original CORE battery into a smaller, lighter package. The new cell introduces much more active battery volume in a pack that's only slightly larger than the previous 20700 cell packs.
Seamless link between Cabinet Vision and 
Planit Canada Inc. is excited to offer a better way to get accurate room measurement data that will save clients time and money. Cabinet Vision has worked directly with the developers of the DISTO system to create a seamless and direct link between the two products. Cabinet Vision Version 11 is now able to directly link with the Leica DISTO S910 to provide a seamless job measuring solution.
Salice introduces Silentia+
Consistent with the aesthetics of the first generation of Silentia, with identical dimensions and shape, Silentia+ incorporates new technological innovations that place this hinge at the forefront of decelerated closing systems. The decelerating effect is achieved via twin silicone-oil dampers, housed in the hinge cup, which guarantee exceptional consistency of deceleration in all operating conditions and optimum closing action with all kinds of door and in all applications.
Blum offers design 
and style
Dark-coloured furniture embodies a sleek elegance – inside and out. Blum's CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black fits discreetly into furniture, creating a distinctive style for greater creativity in high-quality furniture, without compromising on design. Additions to the program include wider angles and specialty hinges allowing for even more freedom of design. All hinges are equipped with Blum's innovative BLUMOTION technology therefore soft close is seamlessly integrated into the hinge boss.
GRASS has Tiomos Hidden
With the development of the Tiomos hinge system, GRASS has written a new chapter in the history of furniture design. With the concealed Tiomos Hidden hinge, which was launched at interzum 2017, GRASS has added another component that makes it possible to move doors elegantly and almost invisibly. The concealed Tiomos Hidden hinge is recessed in the cabinet and is flush with the surfaces of the door and of the inside wall of the piece of furniture.
HOMAG Group has tapio
LIGNA 2017 saw the world premiere for HOMAG Group's groundbreaking new digital platform tapio. Described as the new digital platform for the wood manufacturing industry, tapio combines digital products for the entire wood industry with thousands of production machines as well as a wide range of materials and tools in an IoT platform (IoT = Internet of Things). In short: This digital platform completely covers the whole wood industry value chain.
Compact CNC solution from Felder Group
Felder's new Creator 950 offers traditional CNC processing in a small space. With attractive standard equipment, modern CNC technology and individual additional options, the creator 950 offers efficient CNC processing at a fair price. No lost time in changing tools — the big advantage when compared to other CNC machines: No vacuum pods and console positioning, no field selection, just start working. The fast and intuitive programming is one of the key technologies with Format-4.
TigerStop has TigerTouch
TigerTouch is a powerful new touch screen software that runs TigerStop products on the Microsoft Surface Pro. Easily handles fully automated material processing on touch screen. Allows for push feed optimization and crayon defect marking. Easily imports, views, and edits cut lists.
Pollmeier high-quality engineered hardwood
Pollmeier has developed a new technology, which allows them to economically produce top-quality laminated veneer lumber from beech for structural applications. It's called BauBuche, and uses only raw material from local and sustainably managed forests in its production. In one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, the tree is rotary peeled and transformed into a high-tech material with hardly any waste.
KCD Software offers limited time FREE trial
From now until Dec. 31, 2017 KCD Software is offering custom cabinetmakers and closet designers a 31-day trial of its fully-functional Cabinet Designer/Closet Designer software at no cost. Designer is the robust first level of KCD Software's complete manufacturing solution. "Our goal is for cabinet makers and closet designers to have a different kind of software experience - one that supports them in their success," says 
Brian O'Keefe, sales associate for KCD Software.
Cefla Finishing offers turnkey solution
IGIOTTO by Falcioni is a turnkey solution for spraying large, multi-dimensional, vertical surfaces with exceptional precision. Featuring a two-gun application head, it's excellent for all substrates, wood, plastics, and other materials. iGIOTTO features exceptional programming ease and flexibility, low coatings use due to exceptional accuracy, consistent application and superior results and it provides state-of-the-art automatic spray coating for panels and 3D objects.
Flexible spray-coating technology from Venjakob
The VEN SPRAY VARIO from Venjakob combines the flexibility of an industrial painting robot with the high output of a reciprocating spraying machine. Precise coating of edges by robot and coating of surfaces by reciprocator with constant speed 'inline.' No stop and go, just constant work flow. Therefore more output (coated surface/minute) in comparison to other machines, available on 
the market.
Festool offers accurate carpentry saw
Festool's new HK and HKC saws easily make accurate and repeatable crosscuts with minimal equipment and minimal time. Make exact and repeated cuts quickly and accurately anywhere without taking materials to a miter saw or sacrificing accuracy with a standard circular saw. Perfect for the jobsite and all ripping tasks. Equipped for plunge cutting for cutouts with easy depth control and release.
IMA shows flexible, intelligent processing
IMA offers production control with a push of a button. The complete process of from the initial cut to size process all the way to the automated sorting and stacking of the panels is controlled via the IMA supervisory control system specifically developed for automated processing systems. 
This supervisory control system includes a software tool with visualization and production control capabilities and all machines in the processing system are connected for transparent data exchange.
Biesse Group has 4.0-ready solutions
Thanks to Biesse's 4.0 ready solutions these companies can become full-fledged "smart factories." Among the broad product offering were three vertical machining centres for boring, the Brema Eko 2.1, Brema Eko 2.2 and Brema Vektor 15. Brema boring machines can carry out all boring, milling and glue and dowel insertion operations, as well as boasting the ability to manage additional hardware inserts.
Salice offers 
Wind lift system
Salice has introduced the Wind lift system. Wind is characterized by compactness and elegant design. Its movement is smooth and perfectly controlled. Wind is small and unobtrusive, enabling the maximum utilization of cabinet internal space. In the kitchen environment, Wind has strong functional appeal — a compact adjustable lift system that takes up a minimum of valuable storage space.
Biesse offers flexible edgebanding
Biesse's Stream A is an industrial edgebander designed to create a new standard in automatic edgebanding. An innovative, modern, ergonomic design is combined with productivity, efficiency and flexibility for the application of all types of edge-banding material. The Stream A is equipped with the award winning AirForce System.
introduces Eclipse undermount slide
Accuride, a leader in movement solutions, has just introduced the high performance 3135EC, Eclipse Undermount Slide. The Eclipse undermount easy-close slide is a fully concealed, high performance, commercial grade undermount slide featuring reduced noise, minimal side-to-side movement and drawer sagging, consistent soft close action and a 3-way drawer front adjustment feature. Fully concealed, the redesigned slides offer improved full extension movement with a 100-pound load rating.
TigerStop introduces TigerTouch
TigerTouch is a powerful new touch screen software that runs TigerStop products on the Microsoft Surface Pro. Easily handles fully automated material processing on touch screen. Allows for push feed optimization and crayon defect marking. Easily imports, views, and edits cut lists.
Altendorf F45 sliding table saw
Akhurst offers the new Altendorf F45, a masterpiece of technology and design. The comprehensively redesigned machine frame combines absolutely unprecedented torsion resistance with extremely low levels of vibration. The famously smoothrunning sliding table remains the undisputed benchmark for precision cutting with minimal maintenance.
Hafele Canada Free fittings
The Free family fittings from Häfele Canada vary the flap opening geometry allowing for creative design, maximizing available space, and simple installation. Engineering expertise provides freedom of movement and unparalleled elegance.
XC-300 Cart
Hafele introduces the XC-300 cart with a 300 kg load capacity. The comfortable, soft touch ergonomic handle is foldable, making it easy to store. Features smooth running, low noise wheels with castors encased in a durable galvanized casing with mounting plate.
HOMAG introduces cross cut saw
HOMAG Canada introduces the Kentwood CS150EL through feed cross cut saw. Feed speeds up to 80m/min, 80 cutting cycles per minute and cutting accuracy +/- 1mm. This entry level saw comes with standard touch screen interface control and is ideal for the small to medium shop with low to moderate cross cut requirements.
Accuride announces new Senseon access control system
Accuride's invisible Senseon Secure Access system reduces theft risk while maximizing productivity, revenue, and customer experience. Accuride International is excited to unveil Senseon Secure Access, a new brand of commercial-grade access control systems for cabinets, furniture, and fixtures. Simply tapping an RFID card over a proximity reader unlocks the cabinet, enabling quick and easy access without compromising security.
Taurus Craco has new Wood-Ed table
Taurus Craco Machinery introduces WOOD-ED table, a unique virtual training table that simulates four different types of machines (band saws, dimensioning saws, planer and router). This advanced equipment provides the student with a fully immersive experience of his or her activity. It tracks the user's hand motion and provides them with a realistic 3D vision of the tool and wood materials. Furthermore, a unique force feedback system recreates the real feeling of wood cutting.
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