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AWMAC by Michelle Morrell
Michelle Morrell is the National Executive Director of the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada. She can be reached at:
It’s summertime! It’s been a long time coming for us sun lovers, especially for those like me who live in Northern Alberta. It’s an incredibly long wait for a few months of warmth. I grew up in Southeastern Ontario, surrounded by water and where humidity seemed to be a season in and of itself – which was a good thing.
These days, I have become accustomed to my cooler environment. That means spending a lot of time indoors, tapping into my creative side, expanding my personal and professional skills, and exploring the why, how, and what-if of things that interest me and potentially you as an AWMAC stakeholder. It’s almost as good as 
a day at the beach (no joke!).
I suppose some of the things that bring me joy may not be on most people’s weekend bucket list, but it’s one of the ways I invest in myself and, ultimately, those in my life. I certainly have plenty of untapped areas to dig into and a long road ahead for some of these investments 
to come to fruition, but I’ve 
made it this far, and I’m going 
to keep going.
If you’re reading this, you know it matters that you have confidence in your ability to produce results. You also recognize the need to maintain your value at a high level over time. If you are currently investing in yourself, kudos to you; keep going! If you’re not, what’s holding you back? If you know someone that needs some encouragement, encourage them!
Investing in oneself is a powerful way to maintain motivation and avoid burnout. Those who prioritize self-care and invest in themselves personally and professionally are more likely to stay energized, engaged, and fulfilled in their roles, ultimately benefiting their organization and the people they lead – sounds like a win-win scenario to me.
Not sure where to start? Attend a conference (e.g. the AWMAC National Convention), take a course, find a mentor, read a book, participate in a networking event, or get involved in an association such as AWMAC. Each of these paths forward will open you up to new perspectives and opportunities. Overall, investing in oneself is an essential component of effective leadership and well-being.

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