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Biesse plans 2024 Toronto expansion

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Photo: Woodworking
Shawn Colepaugh, commercial manager for Biesse Canada.

With Biesse Canada’s business continuing to grow, the company is excited to announce its expansion plans in Toronto to continue providing exceptional support to the Canadian market.
The new facility will be equipped with a larger showroom, high tech meeting rooms and office space to support growth and future development. The move will mean more opportunities and increased productivity and efficiency within the organization.
Biesse’s plans for the new facility also include a technology center, not only for customers to see machines, but to promote innovation throughout the entire manufacturing process. The new centre will be a place for everyone to come together and be inspired through seminars, training courses, networking opportunities with industry peers, plus so much more.
“The plan is to go for something roughly four times the size of what we have now,” says Shawn Colepaugh, commercial manager for Biesse Canada.
“That means increasing the showroom to about 12,000 sq. ft. from the current 3,600 sq. ft. So we are going to have a nice big showroom with a lot more machinery, including Biesse’s complete lineup of machines to process wood, glass, stone, plastic and composite materials.”
Colepaugh says they will be out of their current facility as of Dec. 31.
“Unfortunately we haven’t found the right space yet – availability for what we are looking for is tight – but we are looking at the GTA, preferably in Mississauga or very close because that’s where the action is for us and our competitors.”
“So this will mean a temporary shutdown of the Toronto facility with the new showroom following shortly behind.
“We have great plans for Biesse, and we are going to have one of the first showrooms to feature the new Biesse look and vision that was unveiled at LIGNA this spring.”

The new Biesse look - including a new logo with updated colour - was unveiled at LIGNA this spring.

It will be a big, positive change for us and our customers, Colepaugh says, “and speaking of our customers, there will be no impact at all.
“We are not going anywhere, we are not shutting down, these are temporary growing pains, a hurdle we have to get over to increase our growth and better serve our customers,” he says.
“Everything will stay the same, our technicians will be doing their regular work and if you want to buy a machine, you will still have your usual direct sales guys and area managers, and you can of course always contact me directly.
“And if you are new to Biesse you can also get in touch with our Montreal office and we will connect you with the right people.
“So customer wise, there is zero interruption. And if you want to see a machine in action, we’ll just do what we already do, which is to set up a demonstration with one of our customers to see the machine in action in a factory setting. So that gives you a feel for how it operates in a real setting.
“This is an exciting time for us and it has been a long time coming. We have been in this facility for some 13 years and it is time to move on and grow and have a bigger and better facility for our customers.”

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