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REHAU adds new colours to RAUVISIO crystal surface line

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REHAU has expanded its RAUVISIO crystal acrylic surface line with the new agate colour collection, featuring three shades: Atlantico, Laguna and Terriccio.
The agate collection joins the diamond, obsidian, vermarine and mineral collections, all of which are inspired by gemstones. Offered in polished finishes, the new colour collection brings a rarified luster to designs with its sleek reflective gloss. The lightweight yet durable crystal polymer surface creates a deep and multifaceted aesthetic when finished with beveled REHAU LaserEdge technology.
RAUVISIO crystal launched in 2013 with three colours, expanding over the years to feature trend-setting colours that draw inspiration from the earth’s depths. The mystique of RAUVISIO crystal acrylic surface is its stone-hard nearly 2 mm clear acrylic top layer that provides intense reflectivity, entrancing optical depth with crisp facets and superb UV- and scratch-resistance. With natural and polished finishes, designs from mineral to mirror, board and slim configurations, RAUVISIO crystal is REHAU’s most versatile line. The three new shades of the agate collection add to RAUVISIO crystal by creating a layered aesthetic of luxury that emits waves of serenity in any space.
“RAUVISIO crystal is our most unique line, allowing for bold colour play,” said Jesse Collins, director of marketing and communications at REHAU. “Our new agate collection keeps the line on trend with the market movement toward blue hues and we are using this opportunity to warm things up with the increasingly popular brown. We’re excited to energize the line with our new, vibrant collection.”  
RAUVISIO crystal is offered as boards, 4 mm wall panels and edgeband or fabricated panels and cabinet doors. On boards, panels and doors, the crystal laminate and a colour-matched balancing backer are applied using PUR glue to an MDF core that is CARB2, TSCA Title VI certified. Panels and doors are finished with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge, then beveled for a convincing replication of back-painted or frosted cut glass. RAUVISIO crystal is 50 per cent lighter and 10 times more break resistant than real glass, yet as easy to work with as engineered wood.

Uncover radiant and deeply personal spaces with RAUVISIO crystal colour collections
Unearthed from the cavernous and mysterious depths of our planet, gems provide unique insight into the most astounding geological phenomena on the planet. These dwellers of the deep inhabit the battlefield of earthen chaos – the space between the tectonic plates and Earth’s crust. Within them lay dormant wonders that dazzle the eyes and dance with light when unlocked.
• NEW! Agate collection: Band together hues that energize. Consort with your inner artist to combine the joyful enthusiasm of these colours adding vitality to your home. Combine these colours to create a layered aesthetic of luxury while emitting waves of serenity in any space. 
• Diamond collection: Whites that emanate grandeur. The allure of white is one that has made its way into our traditions ̶ in ceremonial rituals such as weddings and in the way we understand and measure purity. The scarcity of white in our natural world and our reverence of it perseveres and continues to be a staple of modern design. We invite you to find a white that adds the right warmth and clarity to your design.
• Obsidian collection: Heart of darkness. Hints of onyx, obsidian, tourmaline and quartz are the inspiration for these dark, glassy and seductive surfaces. These colours draw forth a magnetism where gathering and contemplation can take place effortlessly. Day or night, these surfaces boast opulent richness with their profound colour and illusive nature.
•  Vermarine collection: Sea foam, sand and blossoms. Stretch out on a moonlit beach. Feel gentle waves crashing beneath your feet. Embrace the reflection of the moon as the tide comes in and allow the calming colours of dawn to envelop you.
• Mineral collection: Deposit ambience. Etch a look that brings explosive fragments of colour into your dwelling. This collection is inspired by recrystallized decorative stone to add high-class style and curio-like charm in all settings.

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