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IWF Atlanta announces Challengers Awards contestants

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Perry Fails, chairman of IWF’s 2022 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award, announced the winners on opening day of IWF 2022 in Atlanta.


IWF has received 92 submissions for its IWF 2024 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award competition.
Of the 92 contestants, 20 finalists will be announced on June 20.
The IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award is a world-renowned competition recognizing companies demonstrating exemplary achievement in the development of products, services, or manufacturing technologies and techniques created to advance the industry. A panel of nine judges—all recognized professionals drawn from across the industry landscape—review and analyze each entry.
From the full field of contestants, 20 finalists are selected to perform live demonstrations for judges' review on the day preceding the show opening. Judges render final decisions to select winners based on demonstration outcomes.
Seven winners will be announced on IWF 2024 opening day, Tuesday, August 6. The finalists will be on display in The Challengers Award Gallery throughout the duration of the show.

Competing for the awards are:

Airfill Technologies | Airfill Cabinet Door and Cabinet Corners | BC1013

AkzoNobel Coatings Inc. | AkzoNobel's Viscosity Stable UV Floor Coating | C1562

Aluminium Féron GmbH & Co. KG | Aluminium Féron | C1052

ANCA CNC Machines | FX ULTRA | B8188

Apollo Sprayers | Apollo Sprayers PRECISION-6 PRO HVLP Turbo Spray System | B6419

Bacci America | BACCI ICON CNC Turning Center | B7373

BIESSE | Biesse Hydrogen Force System (HFS) | B7553, B7953

BIESSE | Biesse Robotic Tendering, driven by ORRA | B7553, B7953

Bow Products | XT XTENDER FENCE | A10927

CabBuilder Software | CabBuilder Software | C920

Canon U.S.A., Inc. | Canon Arizona 2300 Series UV Flatbed Printer for Digitally Printing Wood | BC206

Cienapps | Cienapps Software | A11300

Current Composites Inc. | Liberty Wood | C664

DuckWorks | DuckWorks Dedicated Drafter | A10613

Easysupply USA LLC | Circular Economy & Plywood | C1817

ECOGATE, Inc. | New Generation of Ecogate On-Demand Control Systems for Dust Collection | B8000

FELDER Group USA | Felder K945S PCS (Preventative Contact System) | B7535

Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H. | Fill Geselsschaft m.b.H. | A10208

Fortisclamp | Fortistrut Clamp Series | C748

Fortisclamp | Fortis-Mini-Tee | C748

Frost CNC Tooling | 3D Custom Tool Editor with Instant Pricing and Ordering | BC613

Fuji Spray | Fuji Spray D6 6-stage HVLP Spray System | BC429

GEW, Inc. | GEW | BC508

GRIT Automation, Inc. | GRIT Automation, Inc. Retrofittable Blast Gate Controller | B8433

GRIT Automation, Inc. | GRIT Automation, Inc. Tool-Level Access Control | B8433

Häfele America Co. | Universal Connector, Häfele Ixconnect UC 16/64 | C1940

Häfele America Co. | Hawa Concepta III by Häfele (Hawa Concepta III 35 Push by Häfele and Hawa Folding Concepta III 25 Push by Häfele) | C1940

Häfele America Co. | Adjustable Shelf Lighting from Häfele | C1940

I. DECOR EXP. IMP CO., LTD. | EB Technologies Paper | C2720

ICP Group | Non-Flammable, Non-Methylene Chloride, OTC Compliant Canister Adhesive | C635

Ideal Machine LLC | End Cope Machine | A10701

ISOtunes | ISOtunes Aware Technology™ | A10200

Kanefusa USA Inc. | TDM Circular Saw Blade | B4846

King Slide Works | Interlock Drawer Slide | C1340

Kiwi Vision | The Morgan Square | BC327

Kiwi Vision | The Morgan Rocker | BC327

KOCH LP | Stack & Move (SAM) by Paul Saws | B6929

Kundig USA, Inc. | Eco Cleaning System - Energy Saving for Perfect Sanding | A10601

Kyocera Unimerco Tooling, Inc | EQS Edge Sealing System | A10309

Ledinek Engineering | THE STRATOPLAN PLANER | B8185

Leybold USA | Leybold NDK High Vacuum Systems | A11345

Lumber Marketplace | Lumber Marketplace | C655

Machine Tool Camp | Gemini "Split-Bridge" Dual Spindle Nesting Machine | B7134

Machine Tool Camp | "Finisher" Cabinet Door Sanding System | B7134

MachMotion | MachMotion | BC912

Macoser, Inc. | SALVAMAC SALVAPUSH 2000 | B4629

Macoser, Inc. | OMEC F11TS | B4629

Make it Snappy Tools, Inc. | iCARB Indexable Carbide Countersinks | C771

Melbourne Tool Company | Melbourne Tool Company Large Router Plane | A11217 

MICROJIG | FITFINDER Lock Miter Bit | B5919

MICROJIG | MATCHFIT CNC Workholding Kit | B5919

MICROJIG | MATCHFIT Ratchet Clamp | B5919

Milescraft, Inc | 1409 TrackSawGuide | A11349

Nederman | Nederman SAVE | B4547

Next Wave CNC | Shark Wizards | A10327

Northtech Machine, LLC | iGlue by Northtech | B6052

Oneida Air Systems, Inc. | Dust Deputy Low-Pro Deluxe Lid Separator Kit | B4735 


OZEN MAKINE | Ozen Woodworking Machines | A10201

Packsize International | Packsize X5 - The World's First Fully Automated Erected Box System | B7949

Phantom CNC Systems, LLC | Phantom CNC Systems | BC1119

RazorGage, Technical Services, Inc. | GlideRule Chop Saw Station | B8135

Red House Tools | Red House Tools - EZ-Wings | BC427

Robotic Solutions, LLC | Virtual Reality Robotic Spray Program Generation | A10637 

SAMES | Sames Cyclomix® EVO | C2422

SawStop | SawStop Revolution Miter Gauge | B4447

SCM North America | Multifunctional Sanding Drum Unit | B6973, B6953, B7153, B7173, B7353

Shaper | Shaper Plate + Hardware Catalog | A10521

Shaper | Shaper Trace | A10521

Sugatsune America, Inc. | ALT-ST Pocket Door System | C2762

Sunflower Corporation | Sunflower Corporation | C1263

Super Duty Fans | HVLS 10HO Industrial Ceiling Fan | BC715

Taylor / Cameron / JLT | Easytrack, Gang Rip Saw Feed Chain | B6735

Thermoform of America Inc. | PartGlide: A Flexible Cart to Move Parts Around | C1370 

Thermwood Corporation | CLA - Cut Layer Additive System | B6410

Timber Wolf Forest Products | Fast-Snap by Timber Wolf | BC1107

Titus Group | Titus T-type PressTo: Quick and Easy Hinge Mounting with Toolless Hinge Cup | C2570

Titus Group | Titus Push Latch S2: The Advanced Push Opening System for Handless Cabinet Doors | C2570

Titus Group | Titus PushTrio: The Ultimate Three-in-One Pocket Door System | C2570 

Total Finishing Solutions, LLC | TFS Auto Unloader | A11309

Total Finishing Solutions, LLC | VD Simple Dynamic | A11309

Total Finishing Solutions, LLC | Walcom TRUE LIGHT 2.0 | A11309

Uneeda | Uneeda-Random Cut Brush Strips | C946

Uneeda | Uneeda-Bottle Cap Abrasive Discs | C946

Uneeda | Uneeda-EKASILK PLUS 3-sided Abrasive Sponge | C946

Unilin Panels | Unilin Master Oak | C1330

USNR | Advantage™ Chop & Rip Saw Optimizer (Combined Unit) | B5453

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems | VK300D-SS UV-LED Flatbed Printer | BC1025 

Vortex Tool Co., Inc. | Laser Edge PCD Tooling with Proprietary V-Face Technology | B4553


WEINIG HOLZ-HER North America | Weinig Machine Controller | B6035 & B5735 Whiteside Machine Company | Whiteside's Ultra-Long Ultimates | B6518

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