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Membership has its rewards

Jim Lawrence
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CKCA by Caroline Castrucci
Caroline Castrucci is CP/Owner of Laurysen Kitchens Ltd. & President of Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association. For more info email

Just last week I got another one of those calls; all expenses paid almost free vacation for $199.

Seems that all they needed was my Visa number.... and that accent sounded a bit foreign maybe even offshore ... hmmm. You know what they say about if it's too good to be true.

Now that we are on the subject of vacations, whether you are into Disney theme parks, cruises or all-inclusive vacations, there is yet another type of vacation you may not have considered.

How would you like to have an all-expenses paid, free mini-vacation each year. Here's an idea that's a bit safer than those pesky telemarketers.

How about attending a CKCA meeting?

If you play it right these can be almost free, most certainly tax-free. With the knowledge and information you pick up, the time and expenses can more than pay for themselves very easily.

The networking is great because everybody is in the same business or at least a related business. It is also a great way to see the rest of the country.

For instance, this year the regional meetings are on June 12 at a yet-to-be-determined location in Southern Ontario, and on Sept. 25 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Then on Jan. 31, 2013 the Annual National Forum will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Please check the CKCA website for updates.

Thinking back, it was years ago when I attended my first CKCA meeting. I was surprised when I learned that other people were experiencing the same kinds of problems and challenges we did. In the course of a few days I was able to pick up solutions and a wealth of new ideas that more than paid for my trip. The association usually lines up at least two plant tours that are of interest to the members.

For some kitchen manufacturers, the Round Table Talk is the highlight of the event. During that discussion you can ask any question about the business you may be struggling with, or maybe a new method or procedure you want to implement.

Very soon you will get ideas, suggestion and maybe even solutions that would or could take months or years to work out on your own.

Check your calendar and see what you can schedule in, then check out and plan to invest a little bit of your time and energy by participating at any one or all of these events to maximize the potential value of your membership in the association.

Good people, good food, good learning ... now that's priceless. See you there!


This article was written by Jim Lawrence of Avondale Kitchens, he is a CKCA board member. If you have any questions about joining the CKCA feel free to contact him at, or any of the other members you are in contact with.

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