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WISnet's inaugural meeting a success

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The first meeting of the new woodworking industry’s social network for Southern Ontario was a success, according to organizer Alain Albert, an analyst with FPInnovations.
Albert founded WISnet as a way to strengthen the social ties between members of the wood manufacturing community and close to 30 industry professionals came out for their first event. Every month he’ll host a free networking event where participants can meet the most dynamic local wood industry business professionals, executives, business owners and other stakeholders. In fact it doesn’t matter where in the industry you work, everyone in the business is welcome as are designers and architects. In other words if you do something that involves wood, Albert wants you to be a part of it and group membership is free.
“If you're a woodworking industry related business in Southern Ontario, do business with, or simply want to connect with local industry folk – then this is the place to be,” says an enthusiastic Albert, and added that the network is de- signed to help connect, promote and support local businesses in the industry. Albert says he started
WISnet as a way for the sector to get engaged.
“There are sectors in our economy that keep growing and show no signs of faltering despite all the recessions, changes in market demographics, offshoring, and commodifying we throw at them,” he says.
“I will go out on a limb and say the reason that the growing sectors are doing so well is very simple; one word – engagement. I’m talking about the act of being engaged, involved, committed to and even obsessive about your community.”
Albert believes that is something that is lacking in the industry and he hopes WISnet will change that. He says it is a place where industry professionals can meet in a relaxed environment and just talk about the things that matter to them.
“We’re not reinventing the wheel here, just providing a platform for networking to happen and where new ideas can sprout.”
For more information check it out at

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