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Biesse Group acquires Avant

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Biesse Group has sent a strong signal of its ongoing commitment to the creation of advanced automated production facilities and digital factories by acquiring control of Avant; a company that specializes in the development of software for the integration and supervision of machining lines and working cells.
Avant's applications are able to automatically manage all the information of the manufacturing process, from cutting to edgebanding to boring operations and, in recent years, sorting as well, the backbone of any Batch Size 1 production system.
Biesse Group boasts more than 1000 systems installed worldwide, with a 170% increase in systems installed in the past three years.
Thanks to the innovative technology used by Biesse Group and Avant, real-time tracking and management systems have been developed which, with specifically generated reports, allow the client to have total control over the manufacturing process, with a resulting increase in production efficiency of over 90 per cent.
‘‘It is a strategic operation,’’ said Paolo Tarchioni, assistant to Biesse Group's CEO of Coordination and Planning of Product Development, ‘‘aimed at optimizing the know-how into which the group has always invested and strengthening our commitment to the creation of integrated systems and technological solutions 4.0 in order to support our clients in the development of digital factories.’’

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