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C.R. Onsrud expands, poised for growth

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CEO Tom Onsrud welcomes officials, dealers, customers as well as friends and family to the grand opening of Building 2.

American CNC machinery manufacturer C.R. Onsrud has expanded its campus and officially opened the doors to Building 2, a custom-built 55,000 sq. ft. fabrication center adjacent to the main plant on the appropriately named Technology Drive in Troutmann, NC.
Ahead of the official opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Feb. 28, C.R. Onsrud dealers, customers and business partners from across North America attended a week of seminars, training sessions and hands on experiences on the latest CNC equipment.
State and local government officials as well as many members of the Onsrud family were on hand to join in the ribbon cutting ceremony.
“There are five generations of the Onsrud family now working in manufacturing, and generation six has started to come out of the pipeline,” CEO Tom Onsrud said with a smile. Bill Onsrud, executive VP added “This new facility provides the company much needed space to house people and resources, allowing us to continue meeting demand and exceeding the expectations of our customers.”
The new Building 2 houses the functions of turning raw materials into bases, columns, bridges and other components. The 55,000 sq. ft. addition created space to remodel Building 1, which is now home to several new milling machines that turn the frames into the foundation before painting and final assembly of finished CNC machinery.
C.R. Onsrud machines are used by manufactures in just about every industry including aerospace, automotive, advanced material cutting and of course the wood and plastics sectors.
As Jeff Onsrud, director of business development, put it, “Today, the CNC machine is at the heart of nearly every product being manufactured – everyday products we as consumers purchase, most likely started life with parts or components machined on a CNC.”

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