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Biesse Canada holds Innovations in Windows and Doors Manufacturing event

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Biesse Canada held a special, educational seminar and demonstration event.
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On June 14, Biesse Canada held a special, educational seminar and demonstration event designed to introduce and explain the proven techniques for manufacturing North American solid wood windows and doors.
It was held at the Toronto area showroom on Laird Road in Mississauga.
The all-day event was attended by a dozen customers, most of whom stayed for the entire day.
“We wanted to offer something a little different this time,” said Matt Fleming, Biesse’s vice-president of sales.
“So many events these days focus on panel processing, and of course we hold those as well, but for this event we wanted to focus on solid wood and window and door production.
“It was very well received and we feel it is important to not just sell tools and machinery, but to bring additional value, to teach our customers to become better and more efficient.And this kind of hands-on seminar, with a lot of demonstrations and practical instructions, also offers them something to touch and feel.”
Fleming says the market for wooden windows and doors in North America is growing and with increased automation these, formerly high-end products, are becoming more accessible and popular.
“We showed them the process using a five-axis machine for joints and tenants and it was very well received. I’ve received a number of very encouraging comments form participants who appreciated the seminar and the fact that we had our specialists at the event to instruct participants.”
The seminar offered a look at the latest manufacturing solutions for styles and joinery techniques designed to increase productivity, accuracy, quality output and flexibility.
In addition to machine demonstrations and machining tips, the event featured seminars by Rangate, Biesse’s bSolid software and wide belt sanding and there was also an Intermac seminar about glass handling, cutting and processing.
A question and answer period ended the event.
More Biesse events are planned for late fall in Toronto and Montreal.

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