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Felder Group introduces PCS safety innovation

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Photo: Felder Group
PCS from Felder prevents accidents.

Just in time for LIGNA 2019, Felder Group has unveiled PCS, a revolutionary innovation in safety equipment for sliding table panel saws.
PCS (Preventive Contact System) from Felder prevents accidents by detecting the risk of an accident and then triggers the lowering of the saw blade under the panel saw table at incredible speed.
The entire process takes just a fraction of a second and is absolutely non-destructive.
A safety guard encloses the saw blade and protects it against access from any direction. Following an emergency stop, PCS can be used immediately, and without the need for maintenance or adjustment work by a simple push of a button.
According to the company, thanks to PCS, serious accidents on the panel saw are a thing of the past.
“Every woodworker, and with him every woodworking company, has ten good reasons to make no compromises when it comes to working safety - PCS prevents accidents and guarantees dexterity and a handshake quality forever!”
The functionality of PCS is based on the electro-magnetic law of repulsion and allows for an extremely short response time of just a few milliseconds. The result is accident prevention that doesn’t cause any damage or additional costs and is ready to be used again immediately at the push of a button.
PCS works without consumable parts and is completely adjustment and maintenance free.

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