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CHB and NHLA to offer Hardwood Lumber Grading course

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CHB and NHLA hardwood grading course coming to Bolton, Ont. Sept. 10-12.

The Canadian Hardwood Bureau is offering a short course in hardwood lumber grading and with increasing amounts of hardwood now being used across the industry this might just be the perfect fit for your business.
The three-day course, which will be held in conjunction with NHLA, will be held Sept. 10-12, and led by NHLA Canadian Inspector Simon Laroque.
The theoretical portion of the course will be held at the Albion Bolton Community Centre in Bolton (tentatively) on Sept. 10-11. The practical portion of the course will be held Sept. 12, at Ontario Hardwood Products in Bolton.
Instruction is geared towards production, sales and office personnel, not necessarily to those directly involved in lumber grading. The goal is to make employees “rules conscious,” not professional graders.
The course will cover such things as basic introduction to hardwood lumber grading, a basic rules description, lumber characteristics, cutting unit method, general instructions, standard grades, grading practices, lumber rules, species exceptions, net/gross tally etc. Instruction is in English with a bilingual instructor.
Space is limited to 20 people, so register now.
Registration fees are $260 per person for members and $320 for non-members.

Download the registration form here:

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