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Daniel Guerin is back with HOMAG Canada

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Daniel Guerin has returned to HOMAG Canada where he has taken on the role as project manager.
Guerin says all aspects of mechanics have fascinated him from a very young age.
“I learned a lot on my own, which contributed to the realization that controls and electronics was an area I really wanted to work in,” he says.
“So I went to a professional school and graduated as an automated systems technician.”
Guerin first joined the HOMAG team as a field service technician in 2001, a position he held for 10 years. In 2011, he was promoted to assistant service manager and one year later to service manager for the east and remained in that position until he left HOMAG in 2017.
“I remember my first big project in Montreal in 2004, with the collaboration of two HOMAG companies, Bargstedt and Weeke to implement a fully automated drilling line,” Guerin says.
He says it was on that job that he realized that HOMAG was able to offer complex solutions to fulfill the woodworking industries requirements and execute them flawlessly. He also traveled to Germany frequently for training and “met great people that I used to talk and work with daily from a distance for many years and it was very rewarding.”
After he left HOMAG in 2017, he experienced many new and fulfilling challenges as a project manager for a large well-known concrete company.
Earlier this year Marco Fernandes, HOMAG’s managing director, asked him to come back and rejoin the team.
“He has been bringing experienced and knowledgeable people back to work as a team,” Guerin says, “and it didn’t take me long to make my decision.
“Working together with Andre Baumann as national service manager and Marco as our managing director was very appealing. I have known them for many years and it was an easy choice.”
As project manager, Guerin will look after and is responsible for installations of HOMAG machinery right across Canada.
Guerin says he believes he can contribute a lot to assist customers as a member of the HOMAG team and he is very enthusiastic to be a member of the HOMAG family once again.
“All new machine purchases, big or small, are important and require the same level of care, attention to detail and customer service,” he says.
“It’s a huge undertaking and there are so many little things to take care of, organize and schedule, the process involves many interactions between different departments and individuals in order to execute a flawless machine delivery and commissioning.
“If a small detail is missing or misunderstood something could go wrong very easily and I’m excited and enthusiastic about making sure that does not happen.”

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