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UPDATED - CWMDA Woodworking Technology Days coming Oct. 22-24

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The Canadian Woodworking Machinery Distributors Association with nine participating members is getting ready for its upcoming Woodworking Technology Days event.
"We are quite excited about this event," says Marc Proulx, manager for the CWMDA.
However, because the Ontario Government has recently imposed new restrictions in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, participants are being asked to book an appointment in advance with each of the venues they want to visit, in order to avoid having to wait outside for an available space.
New government regulations impose a limit of 10 people in a showroom area at a time, including the staff in attendance.
You can find the phone number and other contact information for each participating company at the link at the bottom.
The three-day event is scheduled for Oct. 22-24, and will feature “more machinery, more live demos and more technology.”
“Due to the COVID-19 restrictions some major industry events had to be cancelled,” says Proulx.
“That has included such important shows such as XYLEXPO in Milan and IWF in Atlanta, which is traditionally well attended by Canadians and that has left the Canadian Industry without any opportunity to meet and get to see the latest technology.
“That’s why CWMDA saw the need and opportunity to propose an alternative with members greeting visitors in their respective Toronto area showrooms, in a controlled environment.”
Woodworking Technology Days are “an opportunity to have an efficient and significant overview of the latest technology available from the top manufacturers worldwide.
“Combining our extensive showrooms means that you can feel and touch a lot of different machines and see a variety of impressive demos.”
And there is much more and we invite you to visit each of our member’s website to see everything they will feature.
Prolix says all CWMDA members are participating: Akhurst, Biesse, Felder, HOMAG, IMA Schelling, Normand, SCM, WEINIG-HOLZ-HER and Taurus Craco.
“All are major players in the Canadian industry with large showroom facilities.”

“The format is similar to a show in the sense that visitors will get to see a large display of machines, but also several quite impressive demos, the priority being to show the latest technology,” Proulx says.
“And we are pleased to count on nine sponsors who recognize this opportunity for the industry.
“Their participation will definitely enhance our event, with their most valuable expertise and products. They are: FS Tools, Jowat, Leitz, Planit Canada, Leuco, SIA, Royce AYR, Rams Industries and Microvellum.
“And of course everyone’s safety is a major concern to our members and to our visitors and I can tell you is that our members are committed to duly apply the current government rules and regulations at each location. We are very confident that we can provide a safe and pleasant experience.”

Akhurst Machinery
During the upcoming Woodworking Technology Days, woodworkers will be able to see live demonstrations & presentations on our latest equipment, software, and supplies from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers,” says Ryan Akhurst, vice president of Akhurst Machinery.
“At Akhurst we will have a fully-operational showroom showcasing two CNC routers, edgebanders, panel saws, sanders and more.
“In addition we also plan to premier a new line of Cobot robots, which can work alongside their human counterparts and perform various operations including sanding and machine tending. All of this will be done in a safe environment as we will follow local safety protocols & guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.
“We are excited to offer this opportunity to showcase our solutions for solving the manufacturing challenges of woodworkers in Southern Ontario and beyond.”  

Biesse Canada
Biesse Canada is excited to present the latest in 5 axis machining. “Let us show you how to enhance your product offering,” says Matt Fleming, chief commercial officer, Biesse Canada.
“In addition we will also showcase the evolution in 
PUR edgebanding, so come see 
all the advantages with none of 
the negatives.”  

Felder Group Canada
Felder Group Canada will have our line of traditional woodworking machines on display.  We will demonstrate the quality results of the Tempora edgebanding machines and we will display our nesting and through-feed CNC machines,” says Andreas Gombaez, chief executive officer of Felder Group Canada.

On the occasion of our 60th anniversary, we are staging 
an unparalleled three-day event, 
full of information, innovation and insights at Woodworking Technology Days,” says Marco Fernandes, managing director of HOMAG Canada.
“This event is the ideal opportunity to experience in person our full line-up of solutions, technology and software.”
HOMAG will be featuring a fully integrated STORETEQ intelligent storage and retrieval system with B-300 Panel saw and N-500 concept 2 nested-based CNC router. In addition, a full line-up of industry-leading edgebanding machines will also be on display and demonstrated, focusing 
on PUR, AirTec and Laser technology. HOMAG will also showcase a fully commissioned Makor finishing line along with surface and through-feed edge sanding machines and a variety of solid wood processing machinery.
“We invite you to come and visit us and we are enthusiastic to help you find the best solution for your business,” Fernandes says.

IMA Schelling
IMA Schelling Canada will feature the following:
“We will have a number of live demos of edgebanding applications with PUR glue and laser as well as sample layouts and workflow, using board inventory and storage systems,” 
says Murat Dogan, president IMA Schelling Group, Canada.

   Craco Machinery
“WEINIG HOLZ-HER Canada along with our exclusive Ontario partner Taurus Craco, is excited to join the WTD and we look forward to welcoming customers from across Canada to this inaugural event,” says Ken Ellston, director sales and service WEINIG HOLZ-HER CANADA Inc.
“The technology featured from 
our panel processing division will 
have edgebander’s, CNC’s and panel saws under power and available 
for demonstrations.
As a world leader in solid wood technology we will showcase the one-of-a-kind WEINIG Powermobile.
The WTD will also be the North American premier of the HOLZ-HER Auriga 1308XL POWER edgebander with “more power under the hood!”
“We are excited that our Canadian customers will be the first to see this new model.”
In addition, the WTD at Taurus Craco will feature numerous informative seminars, educational sessions and the opportunity to dialogue one on one with industry experts.

SCM Group
“SCM Group will present a series of edgebanders including a CNC controlled machine, CNC machining centres including a new vertical drilling machine for simple drilling operations,” says Richard Bureau, president of SCM Group Canada
“We will also showcase wide belt and brush sanders for special application as well a variety of additional SCM products.”  n

The event will be held at each participating suppliers' showroom from:
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. - Thursday, Oct. 22
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Friday, Oct. 23
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Saturday, Oct. 24

For more information, visit

And see the link below for more information about exhibitors and how to contact them to book an appointment.

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