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Formica Canada launches Everform Solid Surface collection

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Formica Canada launches Everform Solid Surface by Formica Group, a curated collection of acrylic solid surfacing designs to meet new demands from architects and designers. Previously known as Formica Solid Surfacing, the 38-pattern collection includes eight new modern, minimalist designs in subtle patterns and monochromatic tones for broad commercial and residential use.
Everform is an acrylic surface made from natural mineral fiber and binding resins, and features color all the way through to its core. It is seamless, nonporous, highly durable and repairable, and water and fire-resistant. Everform surfacing can be used horizontally and vertically for applications including countertops, shower surrounds, bathroom partitions, and window sills and is the only material that can be used to create an integrated sink that fuses to the countertop, creating one seamless unit.
“With the rising popularity of solid surfacing material, we saw an opportunity to expand this well-loved collection,” said Renee Hytry Derrington, managing principal at Formica North American Design.
“This collection now merges our most usable, appealing patterns with new ones that answer designers’ requests for more complex, monochromatic tones and optical solids, providing versatile and on-trend surfacing solutions for high-traffic spaces.”
Inspired by trends such as terrazzo, microscale and patterns in subtle, washed tones, the new designs range from sleek and monochromatic to soft and ethereal.

They include:
Terrazzo Matrix
This new series combines graphic terrazzo patterning in neutral and grayscale monochromatic tones for a modern, minimalist look.
- Dalmata Terrazzo Matrix: Meaning “Dalmatian” in Italian, this high-contrast pattern features black, white and brown particulates on a soft gray background.
- Argento Terrazzo Matrix: This monochromatic grayscale pattern has black and white chips against a gray background.
- Grafite Terrazzo Matrix: A rich charcoal background with black and gray chips for a graphic monotone look.

Formica Canada has added three new colors to this popular optical solid.
- Luna Brite White: This monochromatic and subtle pattern is matched with the popular Brite White Formica Laminate pattern and coordinates with Everform Brite White acrylic solid surface.
- Luna Pewter: Clear particulates on a soft gray background.
- Luna Steel: A soft, deeper gray pattern featuring a gray background peppered with tonal gray and white micro particulates.

Tumbled Glass
Inspired by glass worn smooth by waves, this pattern features gray-blue and brown particulates without defined edges for a hazy, translucent feel. This pattern draws inspiration from three existing Formica Laminate patterns: Liquid Glass, a soft and airy blue-green tone, Cream Softwood, a lightly tinted wood grain with blurred grain visuals and Moonstone, an ethereal gray.

Gamma Gray
A true neutral solid with a soft, ethereal quality, this pattern’s name was inspired by the luminous nature of the design, as gamma measures the intrinsic brightness of celestial objects. This pattern also matches the background of another Everform Solid Surface pattern, Gray Galaxy, with which it naturally coordinates.
Everform Solid Surface is ideal for high-traffic settings including hospital lobbies, school libraries, hotels, restaurants and offices. It can be applied horizontally or vertically.

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