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Next UBC-WMC online management courses start Oct. 26

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The next two courses offered through UBC’s Centre for Advanced Wood Processing and the Wood Manufacturing Council will teach Supply Chain Management and New Product Development.
They are part of WMC Management Skills Training offered through UBC and aimed at wood products entrepreneurs who need to learn about and implement various management systems in order to delegate responsibilities and focus on business growth.
The goal is to teach skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. They are not academic courses.
Management or supervisory-track employees within companies, of all sizes, who need to gain new skills to move into positions of greater responsibility can benefit, as can employees who need to understand specific functions within their company in order to do their own jobs more efficiently (e.g. salespeople who need to understand how production decisions are made and vice versa).
Lastly, if you are hiring people from non-wood products backgrounds who are preparing to take on supervisory or management roles in the industry, this program can provide tremendous industry-specific training for them.
The UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing delivers the Management Skills Training Program in the form of a set of nine short, affordable online training courses.  Each module has email and phone support from a tutor.
Program development was funded by the WMC and it is open to all.
The course modules each require approx. 35-45 hours of study over a six-week or eight-week period (depending on the module). They are written specifically for the wood products industry and include numerous case studies and industry examples. Graphics and diagrams are used extensively.
Participants can either take just one or two individual courses to fill a particular interest or gap in their knowledge, or they choose any six modules (or five plus a supervised individual project) to obtain a WMC Management Certificate qualification. Each module is normally offered at least twice a year, and learners move through each course together, interacting and sharing information and experiences. 

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