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Planit Canada releases CABINET VISION 2021

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The new software release by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, and distributed in Canada by Planit Canada, enables cabinet makers and fitters to efficiently meet growing global demand for sleek and modern handle-less cabinetry. Building on 37 years of successful use by woodworkers around the globe, the software has now been restructured to make it easier and more cost effective for cabinet makers to start small and grow by only using the functionality they need.

Simplified production of handle-less cabinets
The streamlined look and feel of handle-less cabinetry can be a significant challenge to produce efficiently using traditional construction methods. In the absence of handles or knobs, handle-less cabinets must be built with recessed channels to ensure that doors and drawers are easy to open.
Designed to help woodworkers transition quickly from design to production, the CABINET VISION 2021 design-to-manufacturing suite simplifies the process of constructing handle-less, also known as shadowline, cabinets for any job. This new capability is, now available to all CABINET VISION users, helping woodworkers respond to the current design trend while remaining competitive, and better able to retain and win business.

New Door Manager introduced
Cabinet door production comprises a significant portion of cabinetry work, and many cabinet  shops maintain libraries of thousands of cabinet door styles, making the task of finding and reusing door designs frustrating and time consuming. In response to this common challenge, a new Door Manager has been introduced, that enables users to manage all activities related to door production efficiently by maintaining a dynamic door database.

Multiplying core industry tools
Hexagon has re-structured its software so that customers can build the design-to-manufacturing solution they need to meet the immediate demands of their business, eliminate the purchase of functions that are not required to achieve significant cost savings. Users begin by choosing to specialize in either cabinets or closets, which ensures that they receive the industry specific tools needed for taking projects from engineering through to production. They can then build highly customized solutions by adding the tools they need to fulfil their broader business needs. Dubbed “multipliers,” these tools build upon, or multiply, the power of the core industry tools.

Canadian database
Planit Canada software specialists have contributed to the development of the Canadian database for the software, which will be released in a new build in November. In addition to the Canadian French translation, the database includes features tailored to the needs of shops in Canada.
It includes new cabinets and assemblies that makes it easier to build floating shelves and mitered fillers. Guides and drawer construction methods such as the Tandem 560H and the Metabox 320 by Blum, as well as the Vionaro by Grass have all been updated for the new release.
To learn more about CABINET VISION’s new features and how flexible, customized, and cost-effective licensing can help your business grow, go to:

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