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Biesse partners with AutomaTech Robotik to streamline robotic parts handling

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Screenshot from the video announcement. From left are Randy Jamison, chief commercial officer of Biesse America, Tommy Gagnon, president and CEO of AutomaTech Robotik, and Matt Fleming, chief commercial officer of Biesse Canada.


Biesse has taken its commitment to support customer growth and performance to an even higher level through a new partnership with AutomoTech Robotik.
The collaboration of two industry-leading manufacturers will provide innovative new solutions that combine Biesse machinery with advanced robotic part handling. The partnership signals a new era of enhanced productivity for forward-thinking customers intent on growth and excellence.
The mission of AutomaTech Robotik, headquartered near Québec City, is to provide solutions that don’t depend on operators having past robotics knowledge and experience. Promoted as the world’s most effective and agile wood transformation automation, their robotic technology supports workforce maximization and production refinements.
“For over two decades, AutomaTech Robotik has focused on helping customers maximize their workforce and production,” said Tommy Gagnon, president and CEO of AutomaTech Robotik.
“One of our main goals has been to simplify robotics so they’re user friendly and don’t require operators to have past robotic knowledge. The combination of Kuka’s robot technology with AutomaTech’s software and integration skills enables manufacturers to grow through the smart implementation of robotics.”
“There’s never been a better time to find out about how smart implementation of robotics can benefit your woodworking enterprise in terms of scaling your business and moving forward to increase productivity, enhance quality and control costs,” said Randy Jamison, Biesse America CCO.
“Our new partnership with AutomaTech Robotik will enable us to help you see the immediate and long-term benefits of incorporating robotics and becoming more proactive in meeting changing customer demands.”
Watch the video here.

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