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SCM Group celebrates its 70th anniversary

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the SCM Group, a global leader in machining technologies for an extensive range of materials and industrial components.
The company got its start with a strategic vision, which in 1952 saw it produce its first woodworking machine in Rimini, Italy. That established its mission to offer the widest range of woodworking solutions at an international level.
Over time, the Group has developed technologies and taken over leading brands not only to complete all the processes involved in secondary woodworking, but also in advanced materials, plastic, glass, metal and marble.
This distinguished and long success story that has resulted in today's results of 750 million euros in sales in 2021 (90% exported abroad), more than 4,000 employees and a presence around the globe. From the beginning, the company has been led by the Aurelia and Gemmani families.

SCM's Origins
The Group's history dates back to 1935, when Nicola Gemmani and Lanfranco Aureli, experts in mechanics and foundry work, started working together. In 1952, the first woodworking machine was created, L'Invincibile, designed by the engineer, Giuseppe Gemmani, Nicola's son. This machine, which in the eyes of the founders had to be special, much simpler and more practical than those already on the market, managed to meet the needs of a market in the throes of a building boom and capable of every kind of furniture.
SCM quickly created a complete range of woodworking machines that paved the way to conquering all the global markets.
In the 1960s, Adriano and Alfredo Aureli, Lanfranco's children, joined the founders. Together with Giuseppe Gemmani they led and expanded the company even further with the opening of directly controlled branches across the globe.
In 1976, SCM developed the first machining centres and systems for solid wood windows and doors. In the mid-80s, they started acquiring other well-known brands in different woodworking environments, which would consolidate the company's global leadership.

Customer oriented
"We aim to be even closer to our customers with highly personalized solutions, tailored to suit their specific requirements," says Luigi De Vito, SCM division director and group general manager.
"To us, this means offering continuous and more valid support to our customers; fully understanding and anticipating what they really need, as well as providing even more proactive recommendations."
In order to achieve this, SCM is investing in the skills of its global team, on the technical, sales and after sales side, and the Group's training campus centre is playing a key role in this.
Simultaneously, the Group is upping its digital transformation "to be even closer to their business needs and jointly study the best strategy for smart manufacturing".  For SCM, all this translates into digital and connected technologies designed for more efficient, sustainable factories; IoT systems that allow the customer to preserve and enhance their technologies throughout the entire life cycle; tools, such as the new My SCM portal, enabling a vast range of services to view, gather and analyze all the information on production performance in real time; a service team that can deal more simply and effectively with cases, providing faster answers and "how to" solutions to guide customers in a knowledge sharing logic.
SCM also continues to invest in its plants in Italy to increase production capacity as well as its foreign sales branches as was the case with the renovated SCM North America branch in British Columbia, Canada and the opening of new branches in India and Turkey, to guarantee a more direct and capillary presence on strategic markets.

Proudly serving the industry since 1987
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