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Homag Canada Feb 2022 LEADERBOARD
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Meet the sustainable, plywood e-bike

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With the movement towards a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030, many companies are being mindful of CO2 emissions.
That’s one reason why U.K. modelmaker Evie Bee turned to Garnica, a world leader in the plywood industry, when creating The ElectraPly, an environment-friendly e-bike made from sustainable plywood.
Evie Bee specializes in traditional woodworking and was inspired by the iconic Yamaha SR250, a scrambler bike (a lightweight bike specially designed for off-road motorcycling) when designing her modern rendition.
She wanted to construct a version as close to the look of the Yamaha as possible while being mindful of the environment. With raw materials sourced from Garnica, a leader in sustainable plantation-grown plywood from Europe, The ElectraPly was created.
Garnica’s poplar plywood is an ideal choice for any transportation designs and builds as it is cost-effective and lightweight with superior strength.
If you think a bike created out of sustainable plywood is flimsy, think again!
Get ready to see The ElectraPly in action roads near you.

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